Yellow Vests set to RISE UP against Merkel in Germany!

A prominent German left-wing politician has called upon a Movement of almost 170,000 to “take to the streets” in the style of France’s Yellow Vests.

Sahra Wagenknecht

Sahra Wagenknecht has called upon members of her Aufstehen movement, which was founded to mobilise Germany’s left-wing and has modeled itself after the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting ‘Momentum’ group that has become one of the driving factors behind the Labour Party.

Ms Wagenknecht, the face of the growing movement warned the German government that its failure to tackle growing levels of inequality could become the driving force behind a potential protest movement.

“We have big plans for next year, not least because we recognise when people go on to the streets to protest – especially those who have not had a political voice for many years who rediscovered their voice by protesting – then political change can happen. This is what we’re seeing in France right now.”

Sahra Wagenknecht
Yellow Vest protesters in France.

She was keen to avoid the violence of the Yellow Vest protests in France that has seen ten people lives taken.

“I think it’s completely wrong to reduce the Yellow Vest movement in France to violence, of course, there are those ready for violence amongst the protesters, but the movement is much broader than that.

I’m clear that we don’t want any violence, but at the same time you have to recognise that it is a clear expression of pent-up anger. It doesn’t come out of nowhere.

We will be visible on the street and in the public eye in 2019.”

Sahra Wagenknecht

The leader of the movement explained how she did not wish for the movement to compete with other left-wing parties saying: “We want a movement that contributes to bringing these parties on the left together and instigates a new social revival.”

She continued: “It is of importance to us to remain above party politics and I beleive that for many people who are becoming involved with us, this is part of our charm, as well as of movements in France and the UK – that they don’t have to fall in line within a rigid party structure.”

The Leader spoke of Brexit in her speech along with strong words of support for Jeremy Corbyn who she said she would like to see as the next British Prime Minister.

Jeremy Corbyn

“Some of those who voted for Brexit did it out of a sense of social frustration.

People working in former industrial areas where the already low wages have not risen, because unlike in Germany the companies have been able to depend of east European workers.

The poorer half simply doesn’t have access to the positive things in Europe,” she added.

The freedom of movement, Erasmus, the possibility to find work in other countries – these are advantages that are only enjoyed by a small proportion of society.”

How Britain continues to develop will not be just to do with Brexit, but with who are the decision-makers are.

I could imagine a Britain after Brexit under a Labour government as something very different in which the poor are not the losers. but that’s a question of organisation and where the priorities lie.

The question will be whether Britain continues as the Tories under Theresa May would like it, becoming once outside the EU as a special tax oasis for companies, leading to yet more inequality and more poverty, or will advantage be taken of the freedom to really introduce a new, more social policy.

I think to think that’s what Corbyn and Labour will do if they win an election.”

Sahra Wagenknecht


Have you seen our interview with the Lone Yellow Vest who blocked the Bo**ocks to Brexit bus?

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  1. Great that Germany is getting op too!!! I hope many yellow vests will come.
    In Holland the yellow vests are growing. We have demonstrations in many towns.
    But in Den Haag the innocent demonstrants were hitten by very agressive policemen. They hunted on horses and hit the people while they demonstrated peacefully. Many older people were there.
    This is such a very big shame for the police and gouvernement. There are many photos and filmps but they do not allow to show on television or in papers.
    I hope in Germany it will go like it has to go because demonstrating is one of the mensright but the dutch gouvernement do not want to know about this right!!!!
    We are not allowed to wear the yellow vests and have to put it out.
    Now the dutch hope to find a paper or tv station that will tell about the bad behaviours of the police here and the gouvernement.

    1. Dat heb je goed geschreven, ik hoop ook dat het in Duitsland gaat groeien deze gele vesten,
      uit eindelijk is alle misere in Duitsland begonnen dank zij Angela Merkel.

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