Academics demand fellow Professor have her OBE removed due to her criticism of shared public toilets


A considerable number of academics have criticised the news that a prominent philosophy professor has been awarded an OBE, this is because the professor advocates that women should not be made to share public toilets and changing rooms with transgender women.   

Dr Kathleen Stock, who is a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex has opposed possible changes to the Gender Recognition Act which would have allowed people to be legally recognised as their chosen gender without the need for medical certification. Dr Stock has stated that she feels universities are becoming ‘trans activist institutions’. 


Following these comments, an open letter has been signed by 600 of her peers, has criticised the decision to recognise her services to education in the 2021 New Year Honours. The letter says that they are ‘dismayed’ the British government’s decision to ‘honour her for this harmful rhetoric’.

The letter is titled Open Letter Concerning Transphobia in Philosophy and says: ‘Stock is best-known in recent years for her trans-exclusionary public and academic discourse on sex and gender, especially for opposition to the UK Gender Recognition Act and the importance of self-identification to establish gender identity, and for advocating that trans women should be excluded from places like women’s locker rooms or shelters’. 

Dr Stock said in 2018: ‘We need to sort out female-based oppression first. If we don’t, it will simply be transferred into whatever brave new world we’re constructing. There’s no reason why females should – as a sexist society regularly expects them to – be the only group to sacrifice their interests in favour of others’.

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