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‘Draconian’ stop and search powers are to be made permanent under Boris Johnson’s latest crime crackdown

Measurers described by some as draconian are set to boost stop and search powers and make it permanent under Boris Johnson’s latest crime crackdown. “Section 60” powers, which allow police…


Exactly how effective are these vaccines?

Roger Watson In my recent article in this column questioning if the COVID-19 vaccines work it transpires I was being too generous about them. I had not dug deeply enough…

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

I have written a number of articles (attached) outlining the controversy surrounding the misleading results of the PCR test due to its amplification threshold of 45+ cycle giving high false…


Social worker said to have attended Islamic marriage of 15 year old rape gang victim in Bradford

Social workers in Bradford looked the other way when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers according to an official report. Despite…