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Keith Vaz set to banned from parliament for life after ‘shameful’ treatment of Commons Clerk

Former Labour MP and minister Keith Vaz engaged in a “hostile, sustained and harmful” campaign of bullying against a Commons clerk, a report has found, including likening her to a…


AT LAST! A left wing lockdown sceptic movement emerges

By Anthony Webber, Last Saturday I8th September, I attended the inaugural meeting of Left Lockdown Sceptics, an organisation which has had an online newsletter and website for many months, but…

Justas Stankevičius. Why It’s Necessary to Reestablish a Fair Debate Culture?

Comparing political debates today with those of three decades ago, it is clear that the latter were characterized by a much higher level of political ethics and debate culture. Why…


Police make further appeal after murder of Sabina Nessa

Officers investigating the murder of Sabina Nessa have released details of the route she was travelling at the time of the attack in the hope that any further witnesses will…