Abbott was forced to withdraw her complaint after a witness gave a full account of how she had ‘stumbled’ into the men’s toilets and acknowledged him as he was at a urinal – before entering one of the cubicles. This all happened at about 10pm on the 11th of June in Portcullis house where MP’s have their offices.

The witness to the event said:  “She acknowledged me at the urinals and then went into one of the cubicles. She had been dining in The Adjournment (a restaurant in Portcullis House)… After she finished in the loo she immediately exited via Westminster Tube with her dining companion.”

Abbott said the story had breached IPSO’s Editors’ Code of Practice, which says that the media must not ‘publish inaccurate misleading or distorted information’.

Her spokesperson said that by publishing the item ‘without thoroughly investigating its authenticity’ the Mail on Sunday had ‘deliberately and with malice attracted harmful and abusive comments towards Ms Abbott’. Abbott had called for action to remedy the ‘glaring inaccuracies’ of the story.

A spokesperson for Abbott declined to comment….

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