Nigel Farage reveals the type of leader Britain is CRYING OUT for!

Nigel Farage has given his opinion on the kind of leader the United Kindom is crying out for and it’s not wishy-washy Theresa May!

Speaking on his LBC show Mr Farage said: “I’d be perfectly happy for Boris to take over  from May, I really would.”

He continued:  “Or anybody else who actually believed in Brexit, had a bit of courage, was prepared to ignore many of the criticisms that you’re bound to get from the mainstream media, you’re bound to get from some inside your own party, you’re bound to get from the multinational businesses and show some real leadership. I think the country is desperate for it, I think the country would rally behind it.”

The former Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson said it was “not too late” to save Brexit during his resignation speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Boris said:

We never actually went to Brussels and turned it into a negotiating offer. Instead, we dithered. We burned through negotiating capital.

We agreed to hand over a £40billion exit fee, with no discussion of our future economic relationship. We accepted the jurisdiction of the European Court over key aspected of the withdrawal agreement.

And, worst of all, we allowed the question of the Northern Irish border, which had hitherto been assumed on all sides to be readily soluble, to become to politically charged as to dominate the debate.”

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