UK will NOT block death penalty for Islamic State ‘Beatles’ duo!


The UK will not block the death penalty in the case of two men from London who are accused of being Islamic State members, the home secretary has said. Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were captured in Syria in January.

The BBC’s Frank Gardner said: “if they are sent to Guantanamo Bay the UK will withhold intelligence.”  Therefore this would leave it to the Americans to sort them out.


The Two men are accused of being the last two Islamic State fighters in a notorious killer group dubbed ‘The Beatles’ due to their British accents.

The men also complained in an interview earlier this year with The Associated Press that they would not get a fair trial because the UK government had stripped them of their British citizenship!

In the letter to Jeff Sessions, dated 22 June 2018,  Sajid Javid wrote that the UK would not seek “assurances” over the death penalty in this particular case, but said it did not mark a change in UK policy.

“I am of the view that there are strong reasons for not requiring a death penalty assurance in this specific case, so no such assurances will be sought,” he said.

Emwazi, who was the alleged ringleader and appeared in videos showing hostages being beheaded, was killed by a drone strike in 2015. Davis was convicted of being a senior IS member and was jailed in Turkey last year. Kotey and Elsheikh were captured by members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in January.

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