Asylum Seekers at Napier Barracks go on hunger strike in protest at living conditions


A number of those who are waiting for a verdict on their asylum applications, that are living at the Napier military barracks have decided to go on hunger strike and are sleeping outdoors as part of a  protest at the conditions the British government are providing. 

A significantly sized group gathered outside the  barracks’ barbed wire-topped fence on Tuesday chanting “freedom!” and waving banners. Several dozen gathered outside the gates of the military facility in Folkestone, Kent, at around midday yesterday to demonstrate over conditions inside and concerns over social distancing.


UNN’s Oliver Down understands that a number of police officers were present and monitoring proceedings as the protest went on. On Monday night a number of Napier residents slept outside in the cold to raise awareness of their concerns.

The migrant charity Care4Calais have hit out at conditions and described them as “cramped and unsafe”. The charity’s founder Clare Moseley has said: “The conditions they are being kept in are cramped, stressful and dangerous. Asylum seekers have fled terrifying dangers, wars and persecution, they need support and protection, instead our Government is treating them with cruelty”. 

Napier Barracks has been loaned to the Home Office from the Ministry of Defence sites being used to house asylum seekers. The need occurred after thousands of people crossed the English Channel in small boats during 2020.


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