Bombshell Time Magazine Article admits to ‘conspiracy’ to oust President Trump

Dear Friends,
Time goes by slowly and Time can do so much as the ballad Unchained Melody goes. Well Time Magazine has just let the cat out of the bag.
They have just published an article that brazenly crows how media, big tech and corporate America colluded over a period of time to as they say ‘fortify’ democracy. Others might argue that this was a co-ordinated attempt to destroy a sitting President.
Our Sunday show at 7pm is going to be a 4 hour EPIC MARATHON BROADCAST as we look into this then we all watch together the recent Mike Lindell documentary where he presents what he says is clear evidence of electoral fraud.
None of this will be talked about let alone analysed on the MSM and we of course face the issues of censorship after being fully defunded by both YouTube and Dlive but we have to get the truth out. 
Join us tomorrow and spread the word please and if you want to contribute to the show you can DONATE HERE NOW and we will read out a thanks then and also send you a selection of badges as a thanks. Entropy will also be on tomorrow night allowing you to ask questions live.
Do not miss this if you care about the future of democracy!

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