Boris Johnson set to meet with Bill Gates to plan national Covid19 vaccine rollout


The Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson is set to meet with Bill Gates in order to plan a national vaccine rollout logistics plan. It has emerged that last evening the Prime Minister and the co-founder of Microsoft held a roundtable event to discuss vaccines tackling the coronavirus crisis as well as discussing future plans to stop pandemics in the future.

It has been widely reported that Mr Gates’s foundation – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – have funded the vaccine research to the tune of £27billion. Gates has previously predicted that should a vaccine be found, the countries such as Britain and the US could be back to normal by “late 2021”. 


A spokesperson for Downing Street has confirmed that Mr Gates, Mr Johnson and bosses from pharmaceutical giants would discuss the PM’s “five point plan to stop future pandemics”. UNN’s Oliver Down understands that Prime Minister Johnson’s plan was developed with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and aims to build a massive network of “zootnotic hubs” to identify potentially dangerous viruses before they leap from animals to humans.

On Monday, prior to his meeting with Bill Gates, Johnson said when asked about the security of the supply of the Pfizer vaccine, Mr Johnson said: “I’m very hopeful we’ll get the ones that we’ve ordered. The vaccine task force (have been) securing supplies for the UK for a long time now and it’s right that they’ve been doing that just on a speculative basis”. 

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