Brexiteer Peter Bone slams EU saying they ‘haven’t acted in good faith’


The prominent Brexiteer Peter Bone has pulled no punches in his brutal attack on the European Union. This attacked comes against a backdrop of EU officials threatening to deliberately sabotage trade talks with the UK following Boris Johnson’s proposed Internal Markets bill.  

The Conservative MP Peter Bone was interviewed by Sky News’ Adam Boulton. Bone told Boulton is no uncertain terms ‘we’ve already left the EU, we are already an independent country!’.


Bone rubbished talk of a hard border on the island of Ireland. He said: “Nobody can tell me who is going to construct that border (between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). It’s just not going to happen. So all that talk is irrelevant. And I’m absolutely behind the British Government that wants to make sure that our internal market floats freely. And supports Northern Ireland. That’s what the British Government should do”. 

Wellingborough's Conservative candidate on crime, health, listening - and Brexit | Northamptonshire Telegraph
Peter Bone MP – Image: Google images

He then proceeded to criticise the EU directly: “And I have to say to the EU, they haven’t negotiated in good faith. We’ve left the EU, we’re an independent country”. UNN’s Oliver Down understands that currently, the prospect of an agreement being reached on a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU is hanging in the balance after Brussels demanded that the UK abandons plans to override key elements of the withdrawal agreement.

The European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic has accused the UK of an “extremely serious violation” of international law which is going to put the ongoing trade talks in jeopardy. Despite this, Britain’s negotiator Lord Frost stated that there has been “useful exchanges” and talks would resume next week in Brussels, although he did admit there were still “a number of challenging areas”.

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