David Lammy wins Politician of the Year AWARD!

Outspoken Labour MP David Lammy has been given the title of politician of the year at this year’s GQ awards. The MP for Tottenham was recognised for his campaigning work and ‘stirring’ speeches.

In his acceptance speech he thanked the people of Tottenham and dedicated his award to the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze and members of the Windrush Generation who he says have been mistreated by the British government.

He said: “I dedicate this to the 71 people who lost their lives in a preventable fire at Grenfell Tower. To the 2,272 Windrush Generation British people who should be getting a passport. We remember the three people sent back to Jamaica who have lost their lives.”

He also made reference to controversial former NFL football player Colin Kaepernick’s protest against perceived racial injustice in the US.

Lammy gushed about Caepernick when accepting the reward:

I dedicate this to all of those men and women across our world who are fighting rising xenophobia and racism and when the most powerful protest that we’ve got at the moment is demonstrated by a sportsman who gets down on bended knee all of us know that the time is now to act on some of what we’re seeing in the political establishment.”

GQ described Lammy as “a backbench MP who has never failed this year to stand up and be counted” and as having “fought endlessly, tirelessly, furiously, for justice”.

Lammy has received stinging criticism on social media for supporting ANTIFA style protests against the ‘Great Betrayal’ march on the 9th of December. He has said that due to the involvement of Tommy Robinson & UKIP that it is now a ‘fascist’ march…

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