DISBELIEF as convicted druggie Labour Councillor & MP’s son KEEPS all his jobs!!!

Ishmael Osamor is the son of Corbynite Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor. He has been sentenced to community service after being found with up to £2,500 worth of Class A and B drugs.

He also works as a press officer in his mum’s parliamentary office and also became a Labour councillor in Haringey last year when he was nominated by Kate after two sitting Labour councillors were controversially deselected. During his time running for office he never once declared that he had drug offences hanging over him

The local Tory group slammed the decision saying:

Cllr Ishmael Osamor represents West Green ward which has many social-economic problems.

Having admitted four serious drug charges involving Class A drugs, it is difficult to see how he can properly continue to represent that ward where there are so many drug related problems, he should resign from Haringey Council immediately.”

Mum Kate has argued against the “failed” war on drugs during her time a Labour politician.

Ishmael avoided jail because the judge accepted the massive drug haul was for him and friends to use and a festival and not to sell for profit according to reports

His Barrister said: “He made a mistake, he knows he is very lucky.”

Ishmael works as a press officer in his mother’s parliamentary office and also became a Labour Councillor in Haringey last year following the controversial deselection of two sitting Labour Councillors. Although Osamor has not declared this in the Register of Members’ Interests – which is a breach of the rules by her.

The politician, 29, was caught at last year’s Bestival event in Dorset with 30.89g of ecstasy, 7.5g of cocaine, 5.7g of ketamine and 182mg of cannabis valued somewhere between £1,690 and £2,500, the newspaper says.

There appears to be a sense of dynasty growing up around the Osamor family with Mum Kate as MP for the local Edmonton area since 2015, after previously sitting on Haringey council. She then nominated her son to be included on a shortlist after the deselections were pushed by pro-Corbyn group Momentum.

His grandmother is Martha Osamor, also a Labour politician and member of the House of Lords, who was nominated for a life peerage by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier this year.

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