Nigel Farage warns Joe Biden is ‘anti-British’ and would ruin UK-US trade deal


The Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has warned that US Presidential candidate Joe Biden is ‘anti-British’ and would wreck a UK-US trade deal.

Mr Farage has declared that a Donald Trump victory in next month’s US election would be the best outcome for the United Kingdom, he described President Trump as the “most Pro-British President for many years” and warned of the potential consequences if Democrat candidate Joe Biden wins.


Mr Farage said: “Whether you like Trump’s style or not, one thing is for certain; that this is the most Pro-British President for many years. By contrast, Joe Biden was Obama’s deputy when he said Britain would be back of the queue if we dared to vote for Brexit.

“He is keener on the relationship with Ireland than he is with us, sees Brexit as a mistake and I do not see any prospect of a free trade deal with the USA under President Joe Biden. The special relationship is vital for post-Brexit Britain and will only be safe in Trump’s hands.”

He continued: “Under Trump there have been no more endless wars and a remarkable series of agreements are now being signed between Israel and a number of Arab states. In 2016, Trump stood up and made the people a series of promises and, in the main, has kept them.

“That is refreshing for a Western democracy in these modern times.”

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