HM’s Government quietly reduced the salary cap for migrants to settle in the UK


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has scraped the target put forward by Theresa May’s government.

Under the new proposal, the cap needed for skilled migrants to stay in the UK without any time restrictions will be reduced to £25,600.

A stark contrast from the £35,800 salary cap for skilled UK migrants put forward by Theresa May’s government.


The new salary cap comes as HM’s Government pursues an Australian-style points-based immigration system, which will take earnings into account along with a myriad of other factors, and comes into effect from January next year.

The move that has been confirmed by the Home Office will be introduced from December 1, it was spotted by Oxford University’s Migration Observatory.

The project’s deputy director, Rob McNeill, told The Telegraph: “They are acknowledging that the bluntest of all the instruments the Government used to get to that target of tens of thousands has been kicked into touch.”

Migration Watch UK’s Chairman, Alp Mehmet, described the move as ‘outrageous’, saying: “To make matters worse, these major changes are being sneaked in through the back door with scant detail and a lack of advance warning.”

Over the past year, around 715,000 people moved to the UK and around 403,000 people left the UK, according to the ONS report.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: “We have changed the salary threshold required for settlement from £35,800 to either the general level – £25,600 – or the going rate for the individual’s profession, whichever is higher.”

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