Hospitality Industry to launch legal challenge against new lockdowns


The trade union body for the UK hospitality industry, the Night Time Industries Association, has announced that it will be taking take legal action as a measure to stop new local lockdown rules that look set to force pub, clubs and other venues to close.

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has stated that there was no evidence that hospitality venues contributed to an uptick in the spread of Covid-19. These announcements come amid the backdrop of the government preparing to unveil new restrictions for England today.


Michael Kill who is the CEO of the NTIA has said in a statement: “These new measures will have a catastrophic impact on late night businesses, and are exacerbated further by an insufficient financial support package presented by the chancellor in an attempt to sustain businesses through this period. This next round of restrictions are hugely disproportionate and unjust, with no scientific rationale or correlation to Public Health England transmission rates, when compared to other key environments”.

UNN’s Oliver Down understands that the Liverpool City Region will face the tightest restrictions under a new “three-tier” system, which will classify regions as being at a “medium,” “high” or “very high”. This will be subject to a financial package being agreed and in place.

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn from the CBI has said: “It is particularly hard for hospitality who worked so hard to get their premises COVID-safe, but also the supply chains that depend on them. I think they do want to see a much more evidence-based approach – the government needs to show its workings”.

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