Jacob Rees Mogg in SHOCK prediction about Brexit vote!

The MP for North-East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has predicted that contrary to what Tory whips are saying the most likely event that would lead to a General Election is the Government WINNING the Brexit vote on the 11th of December.

The Brexiteer chairman of the European Research Group of Tory MPs said he thinks reports that the Government would lose by 200 votes when it is voted on in December are absolute nonsense. In an interview with the Telegraph he warned the Prime Minister would face a vote of no-confidence called by the Government’s ally, the Democratic Unionist Party’

Expectations on the meaningful vote are getting completely out of hand, the Government will have a very large vote, it will be a close vote.

The whips will be working very hard to keep the numbers down, some Labour MPs will peel off, who knows what the Lib Dems will do.

So I think we have got to be cautious just assuming the Government loses – it is still possible that the Government could win that vote and then we would be onto the legislation implementing that withdrawal agreement.

So losing by 200 is way too optimistic. Number 10 wants to exaggerate because it can then say ‘we are going to lose so why don’t you just back us. It will be good for your career, you won’t have to resign, it will be stopped anyway.

The risks of a General Election are the meaningful vote going through and losing the support thereby of the DUP. Because of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, a General Election is extremely unlikely if the deal is not approved.

Why? Because the DUP would not vote for a General Election and Tory MPs would not vote for a General Election.

If the deal is approved then the DUP would find it very difficult to remain in the confidence and supply agreement as they themselves have indicated. That is quite a serious challenge.

The whips are going around saying if we lose there will be a General Election. Not true!

What is most likely to lead to a General Election is if the Government were to win.”

Unity News Network has created a petition that encourages all MP’s to vote NO to the Brexit deal, we will be in Westminster from the 9th to the 11th of December covering ‘The Great Betrayal’ march and the vote itself.




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