Labour MP praises Parliament for Halal/Kosher food trial


Labour MP Zarah Sultana has sent out the following tweet where she welcomes Parliament “trial serving Halal and Kosher food.”

As Ms Sultana states above this will be more ‘inclusive’ by arguing that “Parliament must be accessible to Muslim & Jewish MPs, Lords, staff & visitors.


This has been met with a mixed reaction on Twitter with former UKIP leader Gerard Batten saying:

Another step backwards into 7th century Arabia. Barbaric ritual slaughter should be banned in the UK, as it is in some other European countries. 1st step, allow it in Parl, 2nd step, it’s all you get. 5% of the population force their practices on 95%. That’s Islamisation for you.

UNN has also sent the following e-mail to Parliament’s media team seeking clarification and as soon as we have a response we will update you:


I am writing an article in relation to the following tweet by Zarah Sultan MP.
The question I have is whether or not Parliament will be following the guidelines as stated by the RSPCA and only procuring stunned slaughter meat?  https://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/farm/slaughter/religiousslaughter
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