LONDON BLOODBATH as TUBE shooting rocks the Capital!

London was on lockdown last night as gunfire rang out for a second time when three people were hit with Kingsbury, north west London. Armed Police and paramedics rushed to the scene at Kingsbury Road at 9.45pm.


A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Polce said:

Police and London Ambulance Service (LAS) were alerted at around 9.45pm on Monday, 20 August, to reports of shots fired in Kingsbury Road, NW9. Officers from Brent attended the location along with LAS.

They found three people suffering injuries. We await assessment of their condition. A crime scene is in place and local roads are closed. There has been no arrest at this early stage.”

London news: Scene of the Kingsbury shooting

A spokesperson for the ambulance service said: “We were called at 9.43 to reports of an incident on Kingsbury road. We dispatched a number of resources including London Air Ambulance by road. Three patients were found at the scene and they were taken to hospital.”

This comes straight after the Maida Hill incident in west London, after witnesses apparently heard bursts of gunfire with reports the gunman then fled to a nearby school.

Armed officers are still searching the area around Kennet Road with the help of a police helicopter after receiving reports of gunshots. Pictures from the scene show part of the road outside the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School has been locked down by police.

The Twitter account The Real Maida Hill also said:

Locals also report that the gunman ran into the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School, #MaidaHill where the crime scene is currently in place.

Several reports now confirm that a #firearm has been discharged and the assailant has run into the #MaidaHill school.

“Armed police on the ground and helicopter in the skies.”

London news: Scene at Maida Hill

A spokesperson for the Police said:  “Officers with the support of the National Police Air Service are searching the area. The Met Police said officers have found evidence a gun had been fired. Enquiries continue.”

No one has been arrested yet for either shootings…

Neither of these incidents appear to be terror related but sadly in Sadiq Khan’s ‘gun-free’ London these previously unheard of crimes are becoming all too regular.

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