Nicola Sturgeon is coming under an increasing pressure to resign


The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is coming under an increasing pressure to resign as pressure continues to build on the SNP leader across social media. Pressure against Ms Sturgeon has intensified after Alex Salmond has claimed that she breached the ministerial code by misleading the Scottish Parliament. Mr Salmond has claimed that the SNP leader’s evidence over when she knew about the allegations was “simply untrue”. 

Mounting pressure has grown on Ms Sturgeon amid the claims and many are now calling for her to resign as Scotland’s First Minister on social media. George Galloway, the former Labour MP and vocal critic of Ms Sturgeon has taken to twitter to slam Sturgeon. He has said: “The Farce Minister’s days are numbered. #ResignSturgeon #FarceMinister”.


This tweet gained a large bulk or responses. One person wrote on Twitter, in response: “I see #ResignSturgeon continues to trend. Despite this being a dreadful time for the whole country, I’m glad the news is getting out that decent Scots want rid of her and her tawdry, twisted Government”. 

Anger has been reignited by Salmond who has said: “This (preliminary) meeting was for the purpose of discussing the complaints and thereafter arranging a direct meeting between myself and the First Minister. There was never the slightest doubt what the meeting was about. Any suggestion by the First Minister to the Scottish Parliament that the meeting was ‘fleeting or opportunistic’ is simply untrue. Most seriously, Parliament has been repeatedly misled on a number of occasions about the nature of the meeting of 2nd April 2018”. 

A spokesperson for Mrs Sturgeon has said: “The First Minister entirely rejects Mr Salmond’s claims about the ministerial code. We should always remember that the roots of this issue lie in complaints made by women about Alex Salmond’s behaviour whilst he was first minister, aspects of which he has conceded”. Mr Salmond was acquitted of all charges against him back in March 2020. 

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