Nigel Farage SLAMMED for advocating TONY BLAIR takes over UK Vaccination Programme


Nigel Farage has produced a bizarre video where he praises his one time foe Tony Blair encouraging him to become the UK’s vaccination Tsar, saying “he commands respect” and is “seriously bright”.

Taking to Twitter last night following the Prime Minister’s lockdown announcement he looked notably aggrieved with new restrictions on the horizon that are likely to be the “hardest yet” for the nation.


Describing the current Cabinet as the “most low grade I’ve ever seen in my lifetime” Mr Farage said former Prime Minister Tony Blair should be called up to lead the government’s vaccine response.

He commented: “Are we really going to trust the same people, the same Cabinet ministers, who made such a mess of testing in the early days?

Whose almost every promise they have failed to deliver upon. Or is it time to think about a different approach?

It is time to have a Government, and to have people leading it, who’ve got genuine talent even if they disagree on many other policy matters.
This Cabinet is the most inexperienced, the most low grade, I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.
Much as I don’t like Tony Blair he does get things done, he commands respect, he is seriously bright.

Why not get people like Tony Blair involved to help us solve a national crisis?”

He has been universally attacked by many of his followers as well as those on the left who see Tony Blair as a war criminal. Former UKIPPER Godfrey Bloom has told him to take a rest whereas others have gone further accusing him of being bought off.

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