Official Government FIGURES show coronavirus infections SLOWING all around the UK


The latest data from the Office for National Statistics has been released today and appears to show that the increase in coronavirus infections appears to be slowing all around the UK. The number of people with COVID continues to rise although this number is plateauing and levelling off.

The newest ONS daily infection figures, that cover the week to the 30th of October show that in England the number of infections has stabilised at around 50,000. This means that around one person in every 90 in England contracted COVID last week. In Wales and Scotland, the figure is slightly lower than in England.


The ONS data looks at Covid-19 infections in the community but does not include cases in hospitals or care homes. The data has also stated that the R number relating to transmission remains the same as last week, at between 1.1 and 1.3.

Ruth Studley from the ONS has said: “At a national level we are seeing infections slow across England and Wales, but they are still increasing. The level of infection in young adults and older teenagers appears to have levelled off recently. However, they continue to be the most likely to be infected despite increases in all other age groups”. 

Prof James Naismith from Oxford University has said: “This is evidence that the social restrictions prior to lockdown have had a real impact. Should next week’s data show a similar stabilisation or reduction, then we can be confident that the second wave has for now stabilised. The national lockdown will not begin to show up in ONS figures for another two weeks, but we would expect it to bring a rapid decrease in the number of new infections. If we can contain the virus until the new year, mass testing, vaccines and new medicines will transform our outlook”. 

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