Opinion: Agenda 21 – The Great Global Reset?


2020 was the year our lives changed, like a bolt out of the blue the Covid-19(84) virus hit us head-on and with it the world we knew evaporated before our eyes.  

Western Governments began imposing draconian rules upon its citizens the likes of which had never been witnessed before – even in war time – we are told over and over this is the “new normal”, but what does that actually mean? 


Could it mean the imposition of the United Nation’s Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Plan?  Time to dive down that rabbit hole and take a look.  https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/what-is-the-united-nations-agenda-30-and-how-does-it-impact-you/

What is a Global Communitarian System?

Authoritarian communitarians advocate for the common good of the community over the autonomy and individual rights of the people – putting collectivism above individualism.  It means ceding individual rights and freedoms to benefit society as a whole – sounds good doesn’t it – but let’s not be fooled by the fluffy sentiment.

Communitarian Law is a law regulating all “community based government”.  At the top level it represents the global community. At the middle level it represents the regional community. At the bottom it represents the local community – “not to be confused with local government.”

Claiming to include more citizens in the democratic process, Communitarianism does the complete opposite.  It is a political structure that gives authority over the individual to unelected bureaucrats “community stakeholders” including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and public-private partnerships. 

Forming “partnerships” with “stakeholders” is an effective way to bypass voters and taxpayers. 

Communitarianism enriches experts, stakeholders and includes only compliant citizens.  Individuals who can read and think for themselves need not apply.  Voters who insist their national and state law reigns supreme in their nations must be re-educated into more moral, enlightened thinking.  

Our Common Destiny requires we all share one Common Purpose. We can forget Common Sense, that is a completely outdated concept.

The Brexit Effect

So is the picture becoming clearer? Does this go some way to explain what we have been witnessing following our historic Referendum result in 2016 when the British people voted to reinstate national law and rejected Communitarian law? – the subsequent attack from the Globalists (including from members of our own Parliament) has been sustained and vicious – but unfortunately it doesn’t end there – the EU is merely the middleman, the United Nations sits at the top of the chain of command representing the “global community” and Britain is still a fully paid up member to the UN Charter.

United Nations Local Agenda 21

The real sting in the tail is this: Communitarianism is also the philosophical/legal theory for global sustainable development.  Communitarian supremacy justifying new land and resource use regulations under UN Local Agenda 21.

Before you read further – It is important to explain at this point that within the Communitarian ideology words have very different meanings –  for example “Community” does not include the people – it means Community Stakeholders/NGO’s and Public Private Partnerships and “Democracy” – as outlined earlier bypasses the citizens – which will become very apparent as you read on. 

For those of you who believe this is a conspiracy theory the following is from the UN’s own website – (link attached).

Strengthening the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Partners for Sustainable Development

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a vital role in the shaping and implementation of “participatory democracy”. Formal and informal organizations, as well as grass-roots movements, should be recognized as partners in the implementation of Agenda 21. The nature of the independent role played by NGOs within a society calls for real participation; therefore, independence is a major attribute of NGOs and is the precondition of real participation.

One of the major challenges facing the world community as it seeks to replace unsustainable development patterns with environmentally sound and sustainable development is the need to activate a sense of common purpose on behalf of all sectors of society

NGOs, including non-profit organizations addressed in Agenda 21, possess well-established and diverse experience, expertise and capacity in fields which will be of particular importance to the implementation and review of environmentally sound and socially responsible sustainable development, as envisaged throughout Agenda 21.  The community of NGOs, therefore, offers a global network that should be tapped, enabled and strengthened in support of efforts to achieve these common goals.

To ensure that the full potential of NGOs is realized, the fullest possible communication and cooperation between international organizations, national and local governments and NGOs should be promoted in institutions mandated, and programmes designed to carry out Agenda 21. 


With a view to strengthening the role of NGOs as social partners, the United Nations system and Governments should initiate a process, in consultation with NGOs to review formal procedures and mechanisms for the involvement of these organizations at all levels from policy-making and decision-making to implementation.

Governments and international bodies should promote and allow the participation of NGOs at all levels participating fully in the United Nations system, including with international finance and development agencies, and all intergovernmental organizations and forums.


I predict we will begin to hear much more about the “New Normal”, “the Great Reset” or even “The New World Order” it will be rushed through under cover of the Covid-19(84) “Plandemic”.  

Watch closely as the media begin to blend Covid-19 with Climate Change/The New Green Deal – all part of the plan.

  • United Nations Agenda 21/30 – a redistribution of control to a global governance structure;
  • United Nations Green New Deal – A redistribution of wealth to a global governance structure; 
  • Mandatory Vaccinations and Bio Immunity Passports – surveillance and control;
  • Mass Illegal Immigration via the English Channel – the erosion of “nationalism/ populism?”.

For those of you left scratching your head wondering why Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government appears more Socialist than Conservative – perhaps this article goes some way to providing an answer.

The policy-making/decision-making process is carried out largely outside of the democratic process between unelected civil servants/a global network of NGOs/International bureaucrats and public/private partnerships.

The New World Order is a post democratic age – the question is will the people comply?  




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