Opinion: An Agenda of Child Abuse


By Joseph B-

The year of 2020 has been a cascade of political, social and environmental calamity, most notably with the global pandemic of COVID-19, and the chaos of BLM. One agenda that shines brightly throughout all of this madness – though mostly unnoticed – is the arguably deliberate, but certainly frightening, emotional abuse of children.


A healthy childhood is not one spent with an overarching blanket of fear and guilt, as said emotions create individuals who do not have the self-confidence nor will to become actualized and responsible adults; individual decisions become bogged down with the fear of repercussions from ostracism and authority. A child who is not taught to bear responsibility and to face both positive and negative consequences in the pursuit of virtue or long-term benefit, cannot grow up. 

The events of COVID-19 and BLM in particular, have brought an almost parasitical mind-virus of child abuse into the public light. Starting with the threat of the virus, (which rarely impacts healthy children), we have seen strange images of children standing in chalk boxes for morning assembly; quiet lunchrooms where children eat lunch alone and separated; classrooms occupied by segregated pockets of pupils. Even soon-to-be-an-adult university students are now hounded by power-hungry wardens – in between Zoom lessons. This has all followed months of lockdown, where even young children have been harassed for playing in their front garden, and of course the pointless destruction of exams, likely severely distorting the near future prospects of an unknowable number of young adults. 

If this psychological abuse wasn’t sufficient enough, our beloved elite can crank up the trauma by jumping on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon. No, it’s not good enough to remind you that your failure to comply will kill your nana – you also need to remember that you have inherited racism and xenophobia; you are the byproduct of generations of evil white capitalism that has oppressed the globe; you yourself are an enemy, and that sin needs to be expelled from you.

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