Opinion: Letter to Woke/BLM/Extinction Rebellion followers


By K Rye

I’ll keep this simple because I know you have difficulty assimilating facts, when they are not coming from your own perspective and are against the way you have been taught to think.


I am talking specifically to those of you who have tagged yourselves on to either of these two movements, which perversely both come under the umbrella of “Woke”.

There are a few simple points you need to be aware of:

  1. Black Lives Matter is NOT a voice for ALL black people.
  2. Extinction Rebellion is NOT a voice for ALL people who care about the environment.
  3. You are being used and exploited.

You need to look very carefully at the BLM website. You need also to examine the motives of ER. Both of these organisations are the very antithesis of what they claim to be and are in fact a Trojan horse for Communism.

Yes, Communism sounds cosy doesn’t it: people sharing wealth, real equality, everybody the same, all singing from the same hymn sheet, all with the same values.

This, however, is not the reality.

Are you even aware of the motives of BLM and ER? If so, why are you not questioning them?

Obviously, you haven’t studied Communism or even looked it up on Google, if you believe that Communism is some sort of Utopia. (Have you even read the novel Utopia, written by English lawyer and philosopher Thomas More, and published in 1516? If not, I suggest that you do.)

Thomas More isn’t somebody you necessarily would approve of anyway, mired, as he was in socio-political issues which mostly centred around religion – of which you don’t approve.

And here’s the sticking point: your own philosophy is full of contradictions: on the one hand you hate Judeo-Christian religion but espouse Islam whose own doctrine is totally opposed to some of your other values, such as your subservience to the whole idea of extremist LGBTQ, which is something they hate.

Also, you have banged on for decades about women’s rights but now you’re telling women they have to put up with having their public toilets invaded by men who “identify” as women – and that hasn’t turned out well has it? Remember the man who was convicted of a crime, sent to a women’s prison because he “identified” as a woman, then raped one of the inmates.

And your current grouse – an espousal of a movement that purports to demand reparations for things that happened centuries ago; things that you have NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER, of the ACTUAL history, purely because you listen to your Communist overlords and their hysterical self-hate doctrine and twisted version of the history of the countries of the Anglosphere. You cannot make a BALANCED judgement on the basis of a one-sided argument. You need to see the bigger picture.

I suggest you look very deeply into the history you have been taught. Nobody says the British Empire was perfect. Nobody suggested Winston Churchill was perfect either, but other empires and countries have been guilty of all kinds of atrocities; they have also done good things. The same thing can be said of great statesmen. For example, the British Navy ENDED slavery. Black slaves were sold to white slavers by black slavers. Winston Churchill has to be seen in the context of the time in which he lived; not everything he did was perfect but he made it possible for you to have the rights and freedoms you enjoy today.

Should your “Woke” idols in Hollywood apologise to the Mexicans for the annexing of California to the United States? If we are going get involved in demanding reparations, just about every country in the world can therefore potentially start making demands on their neighbours for recompense for events that happened far back in history. We should all be moving forwards, not backwards. Where do you suggest it ends? And who will be doing the arbitrating?

If you continue down that road you never know what you may find. It’s possible that all roads will ultimately lead to your own back doorstep and self-flagellation. NOBODY is perfect.

All notable figures, both historical and in the present, are yin and yang; light and shade. All people are, in fact – including yourself. Human beings are not infallible. Every person alive is capable of both great good and great evil; including YOU!

You are making a great deal of noise about slavery. MODERN DAY slavery exists right now in most parts of the world but you are NOT addressing it. Why? You cannot repair wrongs done centuries ago but you CAN take steps to stop it happening now but you are not even attempting to do that. You are wasting valuable time droning on and on about uncorrectable past misdemeanours instead. Why?

Atrocities have been committed since the beginning of mankind and no amount of apologism or reparations right now will make one iota of difference. You cannot go back and change history. Nor can you erase it. It’s there to be critiqued but also to be learnt from, so no amount of destroying statues and war memorials will erase it from the memory or collective consciousness.

As for “white supremacy”, most white indigenous people have ancestors that never experienced it. Most of us had great grandfathers that worked 18 hour days down coal mines in virtual darkness, or grandmothers who worked for a pittance in mills; many of these people lived with the ensuing injuries and died young. No “white supremacy” there then.

Surprisingly enough, if you look back in history, there were countless white slaves also, probably more than you think there were. I bet you weren’t even aware of the agreement signed by the countries of Europe in Paris in 1904 – an International Agreement for the suppression of White Slave Traffic – predominantly white girls who were forced into prostitution and sexual slavery. 

And let’s not forget that it was the British Navy that ultimately ended the slave trade, but I don’t suppose you were even aware of that either.

Your anti-racist message is reversing all the good things that have been done to prevent racism in the last sixty years. Your philosophising about the planet is hypocritical while you continue to ignore some of the more frightening aspects of environmentalism, like our oceans being full of plastic. Why are you not addressing the serious worldwide litter problem?

You HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN A COMPLETE AND ROUNDED HISTORY of either the planet or its empires and slavery throughout the ages, certainly not enough to endorse the claims you are making. 

Why do you not question these hypocrisies? What are you scared of – the truth? There are many things you protest about, but I bet if you were asked individually, away from the mob, what you were ACTUALLY protesting about, you wouldn’t have a clue!

Your protests are built on sand: they have no foundation in the truth and as such your arguments are on shaky ground. 

Communism is not an ideology you would even like to play with if you knew the truth. Everyone who has had the good fortune to escape such a harsh regime will tell you of its brutal reality. You wouldn’t want to go there, believe me.

Let’s take Extinction Rebellion. Whose “science” are they guided by? Who is behind the movement? 

Who is behind BLM?

Who is behind ALL so-called “Woke” movements?

You won’t have far to look for an answer, but I guarantee you won’t like the answer when you do find it. Extinction Rebellion are like the current Tory Government: they are guided entirely by a small group of scientists, all of whom spout the same scaremongering hysteria. They are also backed by a LOT of capitalist “supremacist” money. (I thought you didn’t care much for capitalism.)

If you look at the whole climate Armageddon scenario, you will find that there are just as many scientists, if not more, that will counter these arguments and tell you the opposite of what you believe.

Both BLM and ER are viewed by the majority of people as a bloody nuisance. BLM is largely populated by WHITE middle class left wing “progressives” whose parents are well off. They have no other agenda but to cause disruption to others’ lives. Both groups’ messages are counter-productive and are even a REVERSAL of the aims they say they wish to achieve. Both groups indoctrinate young, impressionable people whose own education is full of gaps to say the least. The education system in the western world has, in the last few decades, largely been taken over by Common Purpose, New World Order indoctrinators. 

They have a profoundly questionable agenda and you really need to start examining it before you get more deeply embroiled in it.

And let’s lose another of your favourite illusions: guess what? Not everybody who opposes BLM and ER are “racist bigots”, “Brexiteers”, “gammons” and all the other favourite insults you like to sling at people who disagree with you. Many of the opposers of BLM – and a significant number actually – are themselves black. 

There are countless black political commentators across the Anglosphere: in the USA, prominent Conservative author, commentator and political activist, Candace Owens; actor/comedian and political commentator Terrence K Williams; and writer and columnist Coleman Hughes. In the UK, Saudi Arabian rapper and author, Zuby; fashion stylist, cultural commentator and artist, Ayishat Akanbi; Asian political commentator and YouTuber, Mayhar Tousi; writer, columnist, politician and director of the Free Speech Union, Inaya Folarin Iman and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an American-Dutch activist, author, scholar and politician, who is originally a refugee from Somalia. 

These are just a few of the prominent luminaries that completely shatter the myth that ALL people of a different skin colour are victimised, discriminated against and are in some way, victims of “white supremacy”. Ironically, many of these individuals have been “cancelled” by the so-called WHITE “Woke” community, who say that because they have a different viewpoint or political leaning, they are “not black”. This is deeply offensive and patronising to black people. It is also absurd and the EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE of the perverse dogma BLM spouts with monotonous regularity. Downgrading a black person because they don’t go along with your mindset is in itself overt discrimination, bigotry and victimisation.

It is also GENUINE RACISM. How dare anybody deny someone else their skin colour, just because they don’t go along with the current rabid and utterly distorted political ideology of “Woke”?

If you take the time to look around the internet there are many, many more extremely vocal black and Asian people, who will disagree with your viewpoint. ALL of them have very interesting stories to tell and are often victims of persecution themselves. Usually from the likes of you! However, they have made a success of their lives in the West through sheer hard work and determination. They flatly refuse to adopt the victimhood mentality that BLM constantly rams violently down the throats of entire communities and neighbourhoods, even destroying the lives and livelihoods of such people who happen to get in the way of their toxic narrative, violence, bullying and aggression. Astonishingly, they also DESTROY the very black lives they say “matter”. A deadly hypocrisy.

When was the last time the kind of scenarios we regularly witness via our computer and TV screens, seen in the Western world? That’s right – the rise of extreme Nazism in Germany in the 1930s with the persecution of the Jews – yet you call the rest of us “Nazis” and “fascists”? How does that work?

The reality is, the MAJORITY of ordinary people out here in the Real World, both black and white, do NOT espouse the hideous and sinister philosophies of the twin Communist organisations of BLM and ER.

I would urge you to look into the origins of both these groups and also to look very hard at Communism and its devastating effects. It’s not the Nirvana you think it is. If you want to carry on supporting this regime, just value the time you have now; enjoy your use of electronic gadgetry, your Starbucks coffee and all other comforts and luxuries of Western culture you hold dear because once you espouse REAL Communism, expect to kiss them all goodbye.

Finally, another book I suggest you read: 1984 by George Orwell. Read it and decide if that’s the life you would like to lead – because your current preoccupation with the abovementioned organisations will ultimately lead to the scenario depicted in this novel, which, although fiction, portrays the very dystopian hellscape you aspire to. Are you REALLY ready to press the self-destruct button?

Be careful what you wish for: you might just get it.

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