Opinion: The coming winter of discontent is inevitable


A huge thank you to Truth Reporter for submitting this artcile/opinion piece on the 30/08/20 – Published by UNN’s Editor-in-Chief on the same date. 

The first winter of discontent was a struggle between the unions and the government for overall control. I was still in short trousers back then but I have some memories of mountains of black bags on the streets with dustmen on strike, burials cancelled because of striking grave diggers, protests, pickets and unrest. The country was effectively paralysed by militant unions who were holding a weak government to ransom and that government capitulated again and again until the demands of those unions became so outlandish that to acquiesce would have bankrupted the nation.

What emerged after was a paradigm shift. People wanted the trains on time, their rubbish collected and the streets cleaned of filth and Thatcherism offered this in spades and it was all paid for with harsh economic decision making and a pivot to market-driven Friedmanite principles.


This is not an essay about Thatcherism – the theme I want to bring from that period is that if you annoy enough people and disrupt their everyday lives you inevitably invite political change.

Fast forward 40 years, where are we now? We are freewheeling into another winter of discontent that could be far more disruptive and transformative than the last. The relatively cohesive society of the late 1970s has now been atomised, stratified, pigeonholed and diced into a myriad of groups, all of which seem to be agreed that the government is inadequate, corrupt, evil or immoral but in every other respect they are mortal enemies. Patriotic groups are labelled Nazis, Extinction Rebellion wants to save the world – by smashing it up and littering it with pizza boxes. Black Lives Matter is outraged that they have not been given all the country’s resources for free in return for not looting and burning the cities.

There is a common theme running through this disparate group – they want their views heard and their needs met and if the government doesn’t oblige then they’re the bad guys. An auction is taking place where the bids go up in increments of outrage. Whoever can find the most egregious sleight upon them wins and can briefly command the attention of the policymakers until the auction begins again but the antipathy starts from the previous maximum and ratchets up from there.

Britain faces prospect of crippling 'Winter of Discontent' strikes as Labour vow to let union pals cause chaos

Nothing has really changed from the 70’s – the louder you shout and the more you are prepared to make other people’s lives a misery the more you can profit but now it seems everyone has learned the technique and they are all exploiting it to the full.

In the middle of this mess sits a government so paralysed by the news agenda that they are effectively useless.  I could write another 1000 words about their current failures but it’s just too tiring to do so. The question we must pose is why this government can’t act, can’t decide, can’t enforce and can’t protect.

In my opinion, the answer is simple – these people are actors reading scripts and they like their job, the benefits, the status and the ‘power’ – but in reality, they are effectively very well paid chauffeurs. The country is a giant luxury car that they get to drive and be seen driving but the man in the back owns the vehicle and is telling them where to go.

If you’re thinking this is going to turn into a critique of globalism then you’re right. There is simply no other explanation for the data we are presented with. If a politician is inept then someone better comes and demonstrates they are better and there is change – but this process is now broken. Giant corporations have changed radically since 1979, the biggest corporates were those that built infrastructure, manufactured products like cars, washing machines or produced the energy that drove the whole economy forward.

This is no longer the case, if you analyse the biggest corporations in the world by market capitalisation you will find this.

Now the Saudi national oil company will always be #1 because it is effectively the pinnacle of the petrodollar Ponzi scheme and when you use the dollar as your measure it will always come top. The next four biggest companies are all big technology corporations you encounter every day – in fact it is almost impossible to do anything much without these people. Try buying a smartphone or a computer with an operating system that Microsoft, Alphabet or Apple didn’t write.

The fact is that these people run the world now, they have control of the social media channels, they can decide who sees what and what opinions get promoted and what gets censored. Even the mighty Trump is now regularly censored by social media outlets, this should tell you all you need to know.

I really do hope that people start to realise that BLM’s ‘systematic oppression’ is nothing in comparison with a company that can allow you to build a business model and then take it away in a heartbeat for no reason whatsoever other than a faceless operative somewhere has decided it doesn’t suit their narrative any more. It doesn’t matter how many people take the knee when in reality people are unknowingly bowing to corporate forces far more powerful than any riot in history.  When your phone knows where you are, who you are with, what you just bought and can listen to your conversations does it matter what your politics are?

The fracturing of social cohesion and the fragmentation of society along racial, political or ideological lines only enhances the giant corporation’s control. BLM and Patriotic Alternative might be mortal enemies but both groups use Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook etc – and not only do they use them, but they also need them to exist. From these giants’ perspective, these groups are all ferrets fighting in a sack – but the globalists own the sack.

No one is suggesting you buy a Nokia 3310 and live in a cave, but what people need to wake up to is that a lot of the conflict is being engineered to divert people’s attention that slowly and quietly, the giant globalised corporates will gain control that no government, empire or philosophy ever managed to attain.

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