Over 50 suspected illegal migrants detained by Border Force after being picked up in English Channel


More than 50 suspected illegal migrants have been detained in the English Channel in what is expected to be one of the busiest days of attempted crossings of the month so far.

Five small boats made the journey after less arrivals and attempted crossings due to dangerous conditions at sea caused by Storm Darcy.

The migrants were reportedly escorted across the Channel by French authorities and handed to the UK Border Force half way across the busy waterway.


All 60 migrants were brought back to Calais shortly before 11am where they were taken care of by firefighters and border police.

A statement from the French maritime authorities said: ‘The maritime prefect of the Channel and the North Sea warns migrants who plan to cross the Channel [that it is] one of the busiest areas in the world and where the weather conditions are often difficult and therefore dangerous for human life.’

The Home Office has not yet made any comments on the latest arrivals into the country.

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