Opinion: Parliament is acting outside our Common Law-The people must resist!

By John Timbrell-
Are you happy now that we have left the EU.? Well, consider this.,  Compared to the EU control of this country the globalist control is worse. Effectively the Globalists are already controlling this country because they control parliament and number 10 Downing Street. The Lockdown laws are not a result of government over-reaction to the covid disease or their supposed incompetence. It is planned and aims to bring this country to its knees to make the control by this evil force even easier.
You, dear reader, has allowed Parliament to operate outside of the law for some time now. They pass such laws as the hate crime law which the now infiltrated police use to silence any dissent. These laws were and still are against our common law but you did nothing to stop it. OK you might have moaned to like minded people but that surely did not or will not change things. Now we read that the Freedom of Information unit has an office in Downing Street which stops embarrassing revelations covering up Globalist corruption. The scandal of contracts costing more than the NHS Budget being awarded to those companies who administer covid regulations are being covered up using secrecy laws.
Guess what folks? It’s still not too late if you, I mean you yourself dear reader, if you expose your MP in this corruption. You might think that (s)he is a good person; perhaps misguided, but his/her heart is in the right place. You could not be more wrong. (S)he knows that parliament operates outside of our laws. This is confirmed when someone does challenge parliament in the Supreme court. The Supreme court DOES take account of our common law. This is why they declared Boris Johnson’s proroguing of parliament unlawful. This is why on February 12th last year they declared that,” Ordering someone to stay in their own home is unlawful imprisonment”. Even those MPs who speak against the lockdown laws will not use the killer weapon to stop these unlawful so-called laws. They could ask the speaker to declare the lock-down laws unlawful. This is why they are corrupt. OK! They may not receive back-handers , but they value their reputation for following the Party line more than seeking truth and justice. (For party line read Globalist control).
I expect that you, dear reader, will straight away write to or ‘phone your MP. to let him know that you know that he is a cowardly corrupt person. Silly me!. I was dreaming. I ignored the fact that your English reservedness or innate fear stops you doing that. Anyway, you’ve got the washing up to do or you’ve got to go shopping or some other far more important consideration. You console yourself by doing such moral things as buying a poppy for November 11. You then think that the people who write such stuff as above are very rude and have no manners. You might even consider writing to this scribbler and telling him how rude he is. He might reply that if you have the time to write to him then you had the time to write to your MP. You could Google, “Supreme Court. Jalloh”  to read that our common law overrides any parliamentary law that is against our common law, but if you are like the majority, you will wear a mask, even though the World Health Organisation has stated that wearing one will not affect the spread of the coronavirus.

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