Piers Morgan responds to bullying accusations by saying he is the victim


The controversial television presenter Piers Morgan has been accused of bullying in a letter signed by nearly 1,200 workers in the TV industry. The emergence of this open letter comes after the Good Morning Britain presenter picked out a former colleague, Adeel Amini, on Twitter.

On the 18th of February, Morgan wrote on Twitter that he would “rather employ a lobotomised Aardvark” than ever work with Amini again. He also took fire at Amini by saying: “You spent precisely two months working on Life Stories in 2010 & judging by your CV that was the pinnacle of your TV career”.


Piers Morgan was reacting to a post by Amini who said he would not work with Morgan again after his experience on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories as a researcher. Following this, a letter has been sent to ITV bosses Carolyn McCall and Kevin Lygo, by a collective of TV workers which has stated that they were “appalled” that Morgan is “directing targeted abuse” towards a freelancer.

The letter, which has 1,188 signatories says: “As freelancers working within television, we feel a responsibility to speak out against bullying and harassment wherever we see it, including from on screen personalities who are all too often poorly reprimanded for unacceptable behaviour and abusive conduct”.

The signatories were not named, but UNN’s Oliver Down understands that they include TV freelancers, commissioners, executive producers, CEOs, as well as TV heads of department. Piers Morgan has responded to this letter by describing the letter as “beyond parody” as well as claiming that he is the victim in this episode.

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