Private prosecution against Matt Hancock and other MPs in ‘Final Pre-Court Stage’


Social media has been ablaze the last few days with reports of a Common Law prosecution against MPs over lockdowns.

Michael O Bernician, the activist bringing the case, has just published the following:

My experience of the past few days, in relation to the Private Criminal Prosecution against Matt Hancock for pandemic fraud, reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s journey through the Rumble in the Jungle.

After being bludgeoned with George Foreman’s sledgehammer fists for seven rounds, Ali knocked him out in the eighth round, when Foreman had exhausted himself and could hardly lift his arms, let alone defend himself.

So following my seven rounds of absorbing all the punches and low blows from numerous opponents, here lies a redacted copy of the email we received last Friday, confirming that I wasn’t talking “nonsense”, “coo-coo” or “fantasy” and that the warrant application was due to be processed yesterday.


Since beginning to write this post, we have received the following email from the Chief Magistrates office, regarding the private prosecution:

“I can confirm that the application was sent to the Senior District Judge last Friday and she nominated a District Judge based at Westminster Magistrates Court to deal with your application.

As we are an administrative office only, we cannot process your application and it must be dealt with by a court. This is now with the legal team at Westminster Magistrates Court and once the Judge has made his ruling you will be hearing from them direct.”

Judge Nominated By Chief Magistrate

The ruling the nominated judge will have to make is as follows:

1. Whether the criminal procedure and practice directions have been adhered to, in which case the arrest warrant must be issued.

2. Whether the accused should be arrested, or ordered to give himself up at the local police station by a certain time, to be charged and brought before the crown court to plead.

3. Whether the case is of such public importance that it must be taken over by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In summary, the warrant application has now been approved by the legal advisers at the magistrates court in Suffolk where we laid the papers, as well as the Chief Magistrate and her legal advisers.

Final Hurdle

Now all we need to happen for the warrant to be issued, one way or another, is to clear the final hurdle – obtaining the approval of the legal team at Westminster Magistrates Court, before it goes before the judge.

News on that front will follow as soon as it comes in, whilst my detractors wince at the denouement of the truth revealing itself for all to see.

To the vast majority who kept the faith, no matter what anybody falsely claimed over the past few days, thank you. Your loyalty will never be forgotten.

The role of Common Law in the British Justice system is much disputed. Recently many business such as a Christian Tea Room and others have used this to attempt to stay open and of this the BBC said:


“Signs in the window say the shop is “under the jurisdiction of common law”, and under article 61 of Magna Carta: “We have a right to enter into lawful dissent if we feel we are being governed unjustly.”

The owner, who would not give her full name, said: “I’m not doing this because I’m a rebel.

“I don’t believe what I am doing is unlawful. I’m standing up for what is right and moral.”

She added she did not believe the government’s figures on infection and death rates.

Although the 800-year-old document is an important part of legal history, only four clauses are still relevant, according to the Parliament website.

These do not include clause 61.”

We have reached out to Michael O’Bernician inviting him on to our show but as yet we have still to receive a response.

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