Pro- Brexit RALLY rocks Whitehall and ends with Remainer ARRESTED!

The march today outside Parliament was to send a message to Theresa May to the organisers that they were sick and tired of her betrayal of the vote to Leave the European Union. Numbers were significantly up on previous UK Unity demos with around 200 in attendance but of course they would have preferred more to come out on the day.

UK Unity Spokesperson David Clews said:

“We owe a massive debt of gratitude to all those who came out today to let their voices be heard. The conduct of those on this demonstration was exemplary and we got some excellent photos and coverage. We were interviewed by ITV and the BBC were also there as well as numerous photographers so we would hope that mainstream media would cover this with the same amount of attention they give to much smaller remain gatherings.

We would also thank our members and donors for their continued support and if it wasn’t for them these protests would not be possible.

UK Unity will continue to ramp up its campaign for grassroots change in the UK and we are delighted to announce that on Saturday the 10th of November we will be launching a co-ordinated series of nationwide demos where we, the victorious Brexit backers, will once more “TAKE BACK CONTROL”.

Alot of people said they would come at a weekend so we will be holding them true to their promises!

In shocking scenes at the end however as demonstrators went home they were confronted by an ANGRY crowd of remainers. Unfortunately our team were not in the area at the time but according to one eyewitness: “This guy come over all aggressive and went for us, next minute the Police grabbed him and huckled him away.”

Likewise a group of young German tourists apparently took it upon themselves to mock and abuse some of the attendees at the end but they kept their cool and went away with the dignity so lacking from the remain side.

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