Quebec stabbing leaves two people dead after attack by man in ‘medieval clothes’


Reports have emerged from the Canadian city of Quebec that at least two people have been stabbed to death by a man with a sword and dressed in medieval clothing. The attack took place shortly before 22:30 local time on Saturday evening. UNN’s Oliver Down understands that five others were wounded in the attack.

 A man in his mid-20s was arrested shortly after the attack and police are now advising people to stay inside with doors locked while an investigation was underway. The attack took place in the ‘Old Quebec’ part of the city.


The local police have taken to Twitter to state that they think “that the suspect may have acted for motives other than personal ones”. At this stage, the suspect’s identity is not in the public domain. The suspect was arrested near the Espace 400e business park at around 1 am on Sunday morning.

Quebec’s local newspaper Le Soleil is reporting that when the suspect was arrested, he was that he was lying on the ground, barefoot and hypothermic. When met by the police he surrendered himself up without any resistance. Following his arrest, the suspect was taken to hospital.

Police have not released details of the victims’ identities or ages. At a news conference on Sunday, the Quebec City police spokesman Étienne Doyon has offered his “sincerest condolences to the loved ones and families of the people who died”.

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