Refugee supporter Lily Allen suffers ‘snowflake MELTDOWN’ at awards show!

Lily Allen appeared traumatised as she was pictured sobbing after losing out to alternative rock Wolf Alice at the 2018 Hyundai Mercury Music Prize at London’s Eventim Apollo on Thursday evening. She had received masses of praise from the music ‘establishment’ for her album after taking 4 years out. She appears to have taken this awards snub badly however.

Detailing her disappointment, the singer, 33, took to Twitter to claim she was ‘robbed’ of the award, and insisted she’s determined to win the annual prize next year. Her recent autobiography has seen the full sordid details of her sexual conduct and rampant drug usage also revealed.


Lilly Allen is also well known for her outspoken views on immigration and Brexit. She is part of a wider celebrity circle including Gary Lineker and J K Rowling who like to take to twitter in order to mock the decent hardworking people of the UK and their concerns of over mass immigration.

The singer famed for songs such as ‘FxxK You’ and ‘Not Fair’ famously visited the Calais migrant camp where she pontificated that the British people should be ashamed for not taking in more migrants and she then took the opportunity to say sorry ‘on behalf of my country’ for the migrant crisis in October 2016.

Whilst doing a documentary BBC at the camp she broke down in tears when asked if she would house a ‘child migrant’ to which she responded: “100 per cent. Who wouldn’t? These children are being displaced – if there’s room for people in my house I’m going to take them in. I think anyone would.”

However in a recent interview in the Guardian she was asked the question if she acted on her promise and it has sensationally been revealed that she has done no such thing!

Allen was asked how many children she had taken in and replied: “None… If I had a really big house I would, but all my bedrooms are occupied with children.”

UNITY NEWS OPINION- What she fails to mention is that she lives in a multi-million pound mansion in the centre of London which she could easily sell and downsize to move to a much larger house and host all the people she shed such crocodile tears for but of course she won’t.

This pop princess is indicative of the out of touch celebrity class that looks down their nose at the British People and has a do as we say and not as we do attitude. Ultimately the British People have had enough and are sick and tired of her and her types who don’t ever practice what they preach. She should go back to making rotten pop songs instead of mouthing off on things she lacks the capacity to understand!


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  1. Your typical Snow fake Libtard. All mouth and pompous gesturing, but when it comes to actually backing their cause, they melt away, like that sawn off CU@T Bono. Don’t you just love the “I was robbed” comment. Victim hood Victim hood conscienceless bias over here. MORONS

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