REMAIN MP’s lining up SAJID JAVID as the next Prime Minister!

Remain Tory rebels are preparing a stalking horse candidate as they bid to oust Theresa May after next week’s Brexit vote. They would put this candidate up before potentially deferring over to Sajid Javid to take the helm.

According to The Mirror they revealed pro-EU MPs want a junior minister to challenge the Prime Minister if, as expected, she suffers a crushing Commons defeat on her EU ­withdrawal plan on Tuesday. Brexiteer Tories are also preparing to line up another candidate in order to fight for the leadership with what many would see as a battle for the heart and soul of the Tory Party.

Chief Treasury Secretary Liz Truss was reportedly overheard discussing potential successors in a restaurant.
She apparently said Home ­Secretary Sajid Javid “needs to be really ready to deal” with the PM losing Tuesday’s crunch vote which means that Truss sees Javid as the best bet to win the leadership contest.

In internal party polling Boris Johnson remains the most popular choice for next PM along with Jacob Rees-Mogg. Many are suspicious of Javid owing to the fact that whilst he was a nominal Brexit supporter he fully came in behind May’s Brexit deal.

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