REVEALED: A Guardian website receives MILLIONS in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!

The Gates foundation is the largest ‘philanthropic’ organisation in the world holding around $46.8 Billion in assets.

Whilst there have been many wild claims around Gates and the role his foundation plays in the world one area of concern that many say needs addressing is the considerable influence he has over many aspects of UK and Global life. One of the main questions asked is whether or not his purchasing power results in agendas being pushed.

BBC Media action is the ‘charitable arm’ of the BBC and as we revealed it has received millions in funding from The Gates Foundation. We can now also reveal that The Guardian, the favoured paper of the BBC and other metropolitan elites, has also received millions from The Gates Foundation to support an arm of its site called ‘Global Development’.

On The Gates Foundation website on September 14th 2010 they published the following:

The Guardian today has launched a new website in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help focus the world’s attention on global development. The site will provide a new space for discussion and interaction on the biggest challenges affecting the lives of billions of people across the developing world, including poverty, hunger, infant mortality, adaptation to climate change and economic development.

One aim of the website, which launches just a week before a major UN summit, is to hold governments, institutions and NGOs accountable for the implementation of the United Nations millennium development goals (MDGs), which 192 countries signed up to in 2000. Huge advances have been made with many of the MDGs, and the new site will enable people around the world to better monitor how each country is performing.

Since then there have been a variety of donations to both Guardian News & Media Ltd and Guardian News and Media LLC clearly stated on the Gates Foundation website: 

In relation to the website The Guardian clearly state the following on their website:

This website is funded by support provided, in part, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The journalism and other content is editorially independent and its purpose is to focus on global development.

All our journalism follows GNM’s published editorial code. The Guardian is committed to open journalism, recognising that the best understanding of the world is achieved when we collaborate, share knowledge, encourage debate, welcome challenge and harness the expertise of specialists and their communities.

The Guardian’s award-winning global development site was launched in 2010 to provide special focus on the millennium development goals — the eight targets set in 2000 by the United Nations Millennium Declaration with the aim of improving the lives of the world’s poorest people by 2015. The site has gone on to produce news, features, debate, multi-media and photography from journalists, experts and people around the world.

It is made possible by part-funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The site is editorially independent of any sponsorship.

The only restriction to the Guardian’s coverage on this site is where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is prohibited under US law from directly funding or earmarking funds to: (a) influence the outcome of any domestic or foreign election for public office; or (b) support lobbying or other attempts to influence legislation (local, state, federal, or foreign). This means any communications to the public in which a view is expressed about a specific legislative proposal, and the recipients of the communications are urged through a ‘call to action’ to contact government officials, must provide a reasoned, objective consideration of facts and issues in a full and fair manner that enables third parties to develop their own positions on any legislation that may be discussed.

Unless otherwise stated, all statements and materials posted on the website, including any statements regarding specific legislation, reflect the views of the individual contributors and not those of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation nor the Guardian.

UNN has just sent the following email to The Guardian for which we are awaiting a reply:


We will shortly be publishing an article on all the information in the public domain in relation to the monies received from the Gates Foundation to run this project.
We will of course be publishing that you clearly state your editorial independence remains unaffected as well as all the other information on your website around this.

We note the following opinion pieces then articles that say people should be concerned about billionaire oligarchs using their wealth to pursue influence and ask what your response to this would be in light of taking funding from the billionaire Bill Gates?

Kind Regards,
David Clews
Lead Correspondent
The Guardian maintains that taking funding from The Gates Foundation has no impact whatsoever on their editorial stance yet as you can see above in our question to them they have published a number of articles indicating their concern at billionaire oligarchs influencing the media. Likewise The Guardian and Carole Cadwalladr were some of the most prominent pushers of the since debunked Russian influence on Brexit conspiracy theory. Ms Cadwalladr is now in the process of being sued by prominent brexiteer Aaron Banks for many of the allegations made which he says are totally unfounded.
We have no reason to doubt the journalistic integrity of The Guardian but we are interested to know why their concerns over billionaire influence on the media does not extend to The Gates Foundation.

Just a small reminder that at UNN we are 100% grassroots funded! Since we last looked in our bank account we haven’t received any funding from billionaires but rather support from the everyday British public so if you want to support our work please click below and do so now:

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