Sadiq Khan HUMILIATED over Brexit

Sadiq Khan has spent the last two years claiming that the vote to leave the EU would be a disaster for London and it’s economy. New figures just released show that the economy in London is actually BOOMING like never before destroying the Project Fear messages of Khan and the Remain campaign.

The Centre for London think tank’s quarterly survey said jobs in the capital reached a new high of 5.9 million at the end of June, 1.9 per cent more than the year before and the highest since such records began in 1996. Unemployment in London was down 0.4 per cent since last year, at 255,000.

Business confidence as measured by the Purchasing Manager’s Index was it’s highest since last October. There has also been a large increase in the number of people moving out of London to other places in the UK and a slowdown in people moving to the city from other countries.

The strong employment numbers and excellent economic performance are encouraging against the backdrop of continuing political failure around delivering Brexit.

Silviya Barrett, head of resarch said:

The strong employment numbers and buoyant economic performance are encouraging against the background of continuing political uncertainty around Brexit.

However, declining pay levels and stalling productivity are signs that there could be stumbling blocks on the horizon.

These data also indicate population growth may be levelling out, though it’s too early to say whether this is a temporary blip, perhaps reflecting post-EU referendum uncertainty, or the beginning of a longer-term trend.

While some might interpret the drop in migration and population growth as easing the pressure on infrastructure and public services, in the longer term, it has the potential to threaten their viability and significantly damage our economy.”

These figures come as the embattled Mayor fails to cope with the rising crime wave sweeping London yet he still backs calls for a divisive second EU referendum despite these positive figures. It also shows how the country actually thrives without continued mass immigration!

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