Sadiq Khan preparing for ARMY on streets over Brexit!

Sadiq Khan appeared this morning on the Andrew Marr show where he was played a voice clip during which against the prospect of a second poll, stating it would fuel massive “cynicism” amongst voters, Khan argued another vote would not be “a re-run of the referendum” but the public having their say over the outcome of negotiations.

“Let me tell you the facts, which are that the police currently are preparing for the possibility of civil unrest. That’s happening now, already.” During civil unrest the only option is for our armed forces to be on the streets and he realises fully the consequences of what he is saying. Yet of course the current crime wave and existence of ‘no-go zones’ aren’t enough for calling for more Police on the street.

Asked whether his call for a second vote is a “distraction” to avert attention from his “own record” as violent crime soars in the capital, Khan — whose poll ratings have collapsed to just +4 this week from +22 in May — the London Mayor once again alluded only to “police cuts” and “cuts to youth services” as reasons for the deadly crime wave.

Writing in the Observer today Khan also said: “It’s no secret I campaigned for the UK to remain and I’ve said all along that any form of Brexit – no matter how hard or soft – would result in fewer jobs, less prosperity and a reduced role for Britain on the world stage. The evidence for this is irrefutable.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Khan claimed that there are only two possibilities for Brexit a bad deal or “no deal” at all, which he claimed would be even worse.

He said: “Both these scenarios are a million miles from what was promised during the referendum campaign, only further exposing the lies and mistruths sold to the public. They are both incredibly risky and I don’t believe Theresa May has the mandate to gamble so flagrantly with the British economy and people’s livelihoods.”

The London Mayor claims he respects the will on the British people however not the Prime Ministers butchered deal.

Mr Khan said: “At every stage, her Government has looked unprepared and out of its depth, resulting in a litany of wrong turns.”

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn will be feeling the pressure heat up in the run-up to the United Kingdom’s departure date, Corbyn still needs to make the Labour party’s position clear on whether they support a second referendum or not.



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