Sadiq Khan SLAMMED over REMAIN fireworks display

Sadiq Khan has used taxpayers money to promote the EU as the startling display kicked off with the words ‘London is open’ spoken in SEVEN languages over the loud speakers.

Khan then got involved himself and spoke the phrase  in English around two minutes into the new year after it was announced in Spanish, Polish, French, Romanian, German and Italian.

Those who stood beside the River Thames rang in the New Year with a soundtrack that openly celebrated the work of musicians from across Europe. He also referred to all EU citizens as real Londoners!

‘We Are Your Friends’ and ‘Stay and Don’t Leave Me Alone’ were among the songs chosen for the 11-minute soundtrack, which featured artists from Ireland, France, Sweden and elsewhere.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen thundered:

It’s low, it’s very low to politicise what is an international public event.

It’s a betrayal of democracy and it’s what we have come to expect from a very poor mayor of London.

Over three million EU citizens have decided to make the UK their home despite Brexit.

One irate twitter user said: “The fireworks looked like more taxpayer Remain spending by the @MayorofLondon to me. London is open to the world…not just the EU.”

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