Series of MASSIVE UK Yellow Vest Protests set to ROCK UK!

It appears that the UK Yellow Vest movement is just getting started within the UK. Despite attempts by both the Government & the Media to portray the movement as ‘far-right’ and extremists it appears the majority of people on social media support them. There have also been widespread appeals for non-violence and peaceful protests by key figures within the movement.

Activist and citizen journalist Danny Tommo recently did a livestream where he advised that he will be out in London and it will be a big test to see about whether more people will come out in light of events. He also said that he was shocked at the level of censorship taking place against the movement.

On social media there are a variety of groups that have been set up and the two largest so far look to be in Manchester and London.

Tracy Blackwell of Fighting for Justice has also in a livestream encouraged people to come along and again spread the message of peace and non-violence. As the movement is grassroots led with no organisers there are a variety of events springing up organically on social media.


Meanwhile grassroots campaign group UK Unity have set up a Facebook Event for a Facebook & Twitter takeover for Saturday the 19th of January. This has been designed to allow people to take part who cannot physically attend a protest or perhaps don’t have the finances or time but want to show their solidarity with the people.

The event page says:

Peaceful & Respectful protests are what makes us British. The Yellow Vest is now a global symbol of the silent majority of decent hard- working people across the world. It is so important that whatever we do remain courteous, respectful and dignified at all times. We are the silent majority who have had enough.

On Saturday the 19th of January we arranging this so that everyone across Britain can play their part by turning the internet Yellow!

Everyone is encouraged to put on a yellow vest and change their profile pictures on Facebook and share across social media such as Twitter & Instagram using the #YellowVestsUK to get it Trending.

We encourage families to get involved and take your pictures wherever you are and send them to us on you don’t even need to leave your house to take part and we even welcome solidarity from all over the world!

So who can take part? Anyone who shares our values of openness and tolerance but is sick and tired of the Government and its betrayal of the British People. We believe in Brexit and building a better for future for all the people of this country. We believe in controlling our borders and the rule of law. We believe in properly funding our public services and making work pay. This is what the silent majority believe and we all stand together in Unity.




  1. This is great news and at last the people will show that betraying Brexit can’t be tolerated. I commend your hard work.

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  3. Please take off the number of comments that are nothing to do with these great events but merely seek to sell things.

  4. I wish you well with your demonstration.
    I hope it remains peaceful.
    The one thing that has mared these before is the anarchists who infiltrate and cause havoc watch out for them.

  5. I believe in the original yellow vest movement which is against world Corruption by the elite who never seem to be brought to justice or brought to task by the media. I do not believe in Brexit but believe in an Independent Scotland so does this omit me from what the original protest of the yellow vest, Will i be unwelcome because the yellow vest movement in Britain is not about the corruption of the elite but has been hijacked by Brexiteers and Unionist.

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