SICK Rapist says about crime: ‘Yes I did that…Why not?!’

Ishaq Al Noor, an asylum seeker who came here is a refugee, is now a convicted rapist who lay in wait for his victims before dragging them into a cemetery to attack them.

Ishaq Al-Noor

The court heard a statement from the teenage student about how her life had fallen apart as a result of her ordeal and the mother revealed she had tried to kill herself. He initially declared his innocence but subsequently plead Guilty.

Prosecutor John Thackray told the court the defendant targeted two females late at night engaging them in conversation before dragging them off the pavement and into a cemetery, where he then raped one of them and tried to rape the other. He said in court:

The prosecution case is that in relation to both females, these were not chance encounters – the defendant was deliberately waiting for them, waiting in that area for vulnerable females late at night with the intention to attack them and rape them. Both were in the same location. As soon as he got the opportunity he dragged them into the cemetery so he could not be seen.”

The court was told how the teenager was attacked in the early hours of June 4 while walking home. Al Noor began talking to her and then ‘without warning grabbed her by the neck and pulled her backward into the cemetery she was holding onto the railing but was unable to hold on.

The young girl told the court: “The guilt is still with me 12 months later. The horror in my mum’s voice when she asked me through the phone ‘Has somebody hurt you?’ – it broke my heart. Having to sit there and recite the entire assault to a police officer in front of my parents turned me inside out. I have always been a high-achieving student. I had ambition; I knew exactly where my future was headed for.”

The second victim was attacked in the early hours of November 16. He approached the young mother and engaged her in conversation telling her she was ‘beautiful’ before he said ‘you’re coming with me.’


Detective Chief Inspector Craig Nicholson said: “Ishaq Al-Noor will now face 16 years in prison and no longer pose a risk to the public. We again commend the victims for their courage in coming forward and offer our assurance to anyone reporting a sexual offence that they will be treated with respect and empathy, and we will do everything in our power bring such abhorrent criminals to justice.”

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