‘SNEAKY’ Michael Gove warns MP’s to back the deal or face ANOTHER referendum!

Michael Gove has said today that unless MPs back Theresa May’s Brexit deal there could be another EU referendum

The Brexiteer who is notorious for knifing both his friends David Cameron and Boris Johnson in the back said the deal was not perfect – but if MPs did not vote it through on 11 December there was a risk of “no Brexit at all”.

According to the BBC he told the Andrew Marr show there may now be a Commons majority for another referendum. Labour has said it will attempt to topple Mrs May and force a general election if MPs reject her deal. If that fails, they will then seek support in the Commons for another referendum.

Michael Gove insisted Mrs May could still win the vote on 11 December despite dozens of her own MPs being against her EU deal. The environment secretary told the BBC that winning the Commons vote would be “challenging”.

But although Mrs May’s deal was not perfect, “we have got to recognise that if we don’t vote for this, the alternatives are no deal or no Brexit”.

“There is a real risk if we don’t vote for this deal there may be a majority in the House of Commons for a second referendum,” said Mr Gove, a leading figure in the 2016 Leave campaign.

Asked if Mrs May would have to stand down as PM if she lost the vote on her deal in nine days’ time, he said: “Absolutely not.” He claimed there was a “strong movement behind the prime minister” among the public.

Meanwhile Labour has said it will table a no confidence motion in the Government which would lead to another General Election. They have also said that if this fails the only other option open is a second EU referendum.

Shadow Brexit secretary ‘Sir’ Keir Starmer said: “If the prime minister has lost a vote of that significance then there has to be a question of confidence in the government. I think it’s inevitable that we would seek to move that.”

The Fixed Term Parliament Act states that if the government loses a vote on a motion of no confidence it has 14 days to pass a second confidence motion or else Parliament will be dissolved and a General Election should be held.

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