South East activist group launch a ‘human rights monitoring project’ to help migrants crossing the English channel


An activist group in the South East of the UK has launched a ‘human rights monitoring project’ with the aim of watching and attempting to help people who are crossing the Channel and enter the UK. This group has stated that they will not allow the English Channel to become a ‘mass graveyard’. 

The group have called themselves ‘Channel Rescue’ and has been formed by a coalition of refugee workers and supporters. The group is aiming to tackle, what it has described as a humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Channel. 


One of the group’s organisers, Max Williams, has said: “The idea for Channel Rescue came from a group of migrant and refugee support workers who were observing what was happening in the channel and in Calais. We had increasing concern over how the UK government was reacting to it and the rhetoric they were using. We have genuine concern that the people crossing over are looking for safety and we should be doing more to give them safe passage to the UK”. 

This year, with over two months still to run, has already seen a record number of people attempting the crossing. Williams has also said: “We’re concerned with human rights abuses and there’s also been a couple of reports of far-right activists patrolling the shore, so there’s a concern for the safety of people arriving”. 

The group has also accessed considerable funds. On this Max said: “We started off with a crowd funder to raise money for shore patrol equipment. That raised £17,000 overnight which we were really surprised by”. 

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