Suspected HONOUR Killing of Teenage Girl as child in home left TRAUMATISED

A young boy found was found sobbing outside flats where a teenager’s body was found with multiple stab wounds on Christmas Day.

The Police were called to the property in Maidstone, Kent, shortly after 1.15pm when neighbours were concerned for the young boy.

Officers found the woman, 19, was in the second floor apartment and arrested a 27-year-old man, believed to be her husband. Police have confirmed that the man remains in custody but is yet to be charged.

According to reports they had only recently moved into the property with one neighbour saying:

They only moved in ten days ago. He said he lived with his wife. I think he was a Muslim man, from Pakistan maybe. We saw the six-year-old boy with a jacket on but no shoes, distressed and crying.

Other neighbours called the police. They found out he was from that flat. They found the woman in there dead.”

A Spokesperson for Kent Police said: “A 27-year-old man from Maidstone has been arrested by officers investigating a suspicious death.

Officers attended a property in London Road, Maidstone during the afternoon of Tuesday 25 December where a 19-year-old woman was confirmed deceased.

Both parties were believed to be known to each other. Enquiries to establish the full circumstances remain ongoing.”




  1. 19 year old mum with a six year old boy & 27 year old husband… Anyone else spot that when the little kid was conceived, the mum was still a kid herself (aged 12 if you account for a full term pregnancy).
    And people wonder why so many of the native youngsters have been targeted, this culture just can’t help themselves. Being paedo’s is part of their culture!

    I bet the poor woman had the audacity to finally answer back after years of abuse, probably whilst trying to protect her own kid. This ‘man’ needs any UK citizenship revoking and shipping back to Paedostan!

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