TERRORIST arrested outside School Gates in MANCHESTER!

Atiq Ahmed, from Oldham, was arrested outside a school after trying to indoctrinate schoolkids and being abusive towards a teacher. It was then found that he had issues of an Islamic State propaganda magazine on a tablet computer.


Initially it was thought he was a parent but when questioned by a teacher he said: “You are an infidel. You are going to burn in hell. You are a kafir (a derogatory term referring to non-Muslims).”

He was then arrested and according the Manchester Evening News:


A tablet was recovered which included a number of issues of Rumiyah magazine, described by prosecutor Jonathan Polnay as a ‘practical guide for committing terrorist acts’.

Material in the magazine included how to conduct lone wolf knife attacks, the most effective car to use for terrorist attacks, how to carry out arson attacks and the best way to take a hostage.

It also included advice on how to to cause maximum injury through terror, and how to ensure they would be credited to Islamic State.

“These are matters that have been put into action by those that support Islamic State,” Mr Polnay said.

Doctors said that Ahmed has a ‘warped world view’, but were satisfied he has no intention of harming anyone.

Defending, Anthony Barraclough said: “He is not, in the medical sense, a nutter. He is an extreme thinker.

“He knew perfectly well he shouldn’t do it again. For that, he is an idiot.”

Mr Barraclough said Ahmed maintains he is not a terrorist, describing him as a ‘loudmouth’.

It is not the first time that Ahmed has been jailed for viewing extremist material.

Ahmed has now been jailed for four years and six months after pleading guilty to five counts of possessing a document or record which contains information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, contrary to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The Judge Patrick Field said in sentencing: “It was practical advice presented in a chilling and matter of fact way as to how to carry out various terrorist attacks.”

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