The Anointed: The Liberal Priest Class


By Joseph B:

To seriously address someone’s political stances, it is essential to understand the core beliefs that fundamentally directs their worldview. 

As to what guides the typical SJW, socialist, liberal, egalitarian, social-democrat progressive – the ‘woke’ brigade – is relatively simple, emotional, and materialistic. These beliefs are described in various works, such as Thomas Sowell’s, Vision of the Anointed, William Gairdner’s The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree or Paul Vitz’s Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship


Moreover, is the content found in the online neoreactionary, “intellectual dark web”, from Mencius Moldbug’s description of the “Cathedral”, Stefan Molyneux’s philosophical outlooks on child abuse, irrationality, and morality, or the relatively mainstream Jordan Peterson, often known for pushing back against postmodernism and political-correctness.

What’s Going On?

It is of my opinion that the chaos in the West can be best summed up as a post-Christian, moral puritanism; an atheistic religion of Selfism; a general utopian worldview that man is unlimited in capability, and that society should be guided, controlled, and commanded by an intellectual liberal elite – the intelligentsia. This has taken a stronghold in the cultural vacuum left after WWI & WWII. 

This worldview entails that nobody should be held back by duty, tradition, or societal norms. The traditional morality inherited from our ancestors are power dynamics, which oppresses individuality and potential; society should be focused on caring for each individual and bringing out their full potential. Hierarchies are immoral, and equity, top-down control is needed to curtail inherited, societal and economic injustice. Even gender standards are outdated; biology is not relevant. Each individual is a God.

These post-Christian doctrines even applies the concept of original sin to many historical blights and present issues, such as the Atlantic Slave Trade, climate change, the holocaust and European colonialism. We today, must repent these ‘sins’ to become moral individuals. Moreover, are the new religious icons, from the martyr George Floyd to the childlike Greta Thunberg, whose innocent and childlike features resembles that of a historical religious painting. Even wind turbines have religious connotations, being a tall white structure placed across the landscape – when the blades are angled correctly, they resemble crosses. Furthermore, the liberal obsession with blacks and indigenous populations, may even be as they represent man untainted from modernity, as was Adam and Eve. Ironically, even some churches have swallowed up this anti-Christian, post-Christian dogma. Notably, David Starkey likens this moral puritanism as something uniquely Anglo-Saxon

It is fundamentally a narrative of power dynamics, with the extreme position holding that the only reason a defined group has poor materialistic conditions, is because of the actions of another defined group – the holy intellectual elite are to ‘correct’ these disparities (using their subjective definitions of equality). Of course, however, human beings are not deities that simply stop others from succeeding. There are many reasons behind disparities in outcome, not all being the fault of men. 

These views are strongest in the areas of society isolated from day to day reality, in particular the media, academia, politics and corporations – sectors where individuals can afford to espouse ideas with little negative feedback. Someone who lays bricks for a living cannot get paid by writing word salad literature. 

The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.” – Thomas Sowell.

What is the Goal of the Intellectual Class?

As Marxism is a largely unpopular economic theory (which fails to win elections), said intellectuals today simply advance Marxism by changing the ‘superstructure’ of society. Theorized by Marx, the ‘superstructure’ reinforces the ‘base’ – the political economy, which we would largely describe now as capitalism; private control over the means of production. In other words, social justice and social egalitarianism will push forward the changes needed to create a Marxist society – Neo-Marxism.

These ideas have been pushed for decades by Marxist intellectuals, such as Antonio Gramsci or by those in the Frankfurt School. Even the boring tripe about racism from BLM, has already been seen before with Leon Trotsky, who complained that the Ukrainians were ‘racist’ for not wanting socialism. When the woke brigade discusses ‘whiteness’, it is an attack on the ‘superstructure’.

Marxist intellectuals have been fairly successful, especially due to the work of Blair (an ex-Trotskyist). Mass immigration, the destruction of the family, sexual promiscuity, mass university attendance, political correctness, feminism, internationalism, and even COVID-19 – to name a few, has all laid a fertile ground for radically left-wing economic change. 

Furthermore, the importance of mass immigration cannot be underestimated. Progressive politics and its strange coalition with third world immigration have created a powerful political weapon (despite the complete lack of social liberalism held by said migrants). This can be termed as Biological Leninism, or Bioleninism: the use of low-status groups to create a political army; migrants become loyal to gain status. 

A Lost and Broken Population

Putting aside the intellectual elite who benefit from their priestly status, many dysfunctional people who support the modern left are the byproduct of failed egalitarianism; they defend the politics that failed them – a positive feedback loop. Much of this dysfunction likely comes from the collapsed family unit, creating high rates of divorce, single parenthood, odd family structures, and a decay of parenting. 

Those not raised in a healthy environment, often do not make healthy people. They undergo trauma comparable to brain damage. A dysfunctional environment creates individuals with a poorer ability to delay gratification; make healthier long-term decisions; have a high time preference. Not having a father present is even correlated with earlier puberty: breed faster to overcome environmental danger. 

Leftist views are not just common with spoilt middle-class students. They correlate with mental illness. I would theorize that many of those rioting this year are the traumatized byproducts of our broken society, taking their vengeance on the society that abandoned them. An armchair psychologist like myself may even speculate that they hate Donald Trump, because they hate their father (that was likely never present). 

Are many of the political attitudes today the mental projections of dysfunction? Are people craving the state as a paternal figure to care and protect them? In many ways, the family unit operates in a communist fashion – you do not provide for children in accordance with what economic value they bring. Many of these dysfunctional individuals – the crazies, may be demanding the love and attention that they never received. The intellectual liberal elite are more than willing to accept these ‘children’, taking a parental role.


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