The Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity – Class Action Lawsuit


What is the Nuremberg Code?



Why am I raising this now you may ask.  

The covid-19 “vaccinations” are experimental therefore this would, I believe, place them under the terms and medical ethics of the Nuremberg Code (1947)

A second Nuremberg tribunal has been prepared and a class action is being set up (February 2021).

Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.  (source)  (source)

A Covid-19 commission of enquiry has been set up on the initiative of a group of German lawyers with the aim of bringing an international class action lawsuit using Anglo-Saxon law. 

Reiner Fuellmich is the lawyer who has partly succeeded in getting the car giant Volkswagen convicted of modifying catalytic converters and cheating with figures about it.  The same attorney who managed to convict Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise.  (source)(source)(source)

Deutsche Bank agreed to pay more than $130m to resolve/buy off the case due to foreign corruption and fraud cases. (source)

COVID-19 Will Be The Case of The Century

According to Reiner Fuellmich, all fraud committed by German companies is nothing compared to the damage this Covid-19 scam has caused and continues to do. 

COVID-19 Scandal Has Never Been a Health Issue

“The hearings of hundreds of scientists, doctors, economists and lawyers, among others, of international renown, conducted since October 7, 2020 by the Berlin Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 affair, have now shown with a probability approaching 100% certainty that the Covid-19 scandal was never a health issue.”

The sessions can be found here: https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzungen/

Historically Unique Level of Destruction

The committee’s conclusion is that Covid-19 is being used as a diversionary tactic by corporate and political ‘elites’ with the aim of shifting market shares and wealth from small and medium-sized businesses to global platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, and other big-tech and multinational companies. (source)

What is Really at Stake?

To fully understand what is at stake with this new Nuremberg Tribunal to try the greatest crime of all time, we must start with Drosten’s lie and the Corman-Drosten paper on the PCRtest tanks in the name of Davos… One of the crudest lies in history that has caused an incredible amount of damage and to which everything hangs. It is the basis for all measures. The fact is then that no measure can be justified. 

Let that take effect and then think carefully about what has actually been done to us Everything that is corona-related is based on the result of a non-functional PCR test.

The world’s population served as guinea pigs for these experimental gene injections, extremely fast.

This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed it “Covid-19 scandal” and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages resulting from tampering and falsified test protocols.  This has grown into the greatest crime against humanity ever.


In an article I wrote on 28th July 2020 I stated….

“Why are Big Tech fighting so viscerally to suppress Hydroxychloroquine as a successful treatment for Covid-19?

We can only hope that these questions will soon be asked in an International Tribunal.  I believe class action trials are coming, for Crimes Against Humanity” https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/have-big-tech/

And then there is this……..

Peer-reviewed study: Ivermectin cuts COVID infections, deaths by 75% https://www.wnd.com/2021/02/peer-reviewed-study-ivermectin-cuts-covid-infections-deaths-75/

And this….

MP David Davis calls for Vitamin D therapy to be rolled out ‘immediately’ after study finds it can ‘reduce Covid deaths by up to 60%’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9257521/Study-finds-Vitamin-D-reduces-Covid-deaths-60.html

Finally, I will leave you with Standard No.2 of the Nuremberg Code….

  1. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

The suppression of successful therapeutics in favour of rushing to market experimental vaccines clearly has serious questions to answer.

But, will the 2nd Nuremberg Tribunal be heard?  It will, I suggest, say a lot about where we are today as a civilised society if it fails – won’t it? 







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