The Gates agenda- time to wake up to tyranny


By The Truth Reporter:


This is going to be a broad brush discussion, it assumes that you have already at least some knowledge of the network of influence that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has been assembling within governments, academia and the media. It also assumes you have seen some of the coverage relating to the global identity and vaccination programme that Gates is proposing as a way to end the COVID19 crisis. 


I cannot prove to you that the intention of this programme is to construct a global governance architecture, no one can. If you’re still reading this article them you must have some inkling that something is wrong with this. I can only tell you that if it looks like global governance, works like global governance and is proposed by globalists then it probably is global governance.

The way you prove or disprove any theory is by examining it in extremis. When you design a car or any safety critical system you test it up to and through its failure mode. When you buy a piece of climbing rope it comes with a tested breaking strain, that means in a laboratory the rope has been subjected to a load and has been found not to break at that load. 

Let’s test Gates’ system in the same way with a series of hypothetical thought experiments, see how it stands up and what questions emerge.

Gates states his programme must be universal, that everyone on earth should have their own digital identity stored using blockchain technology and also that they must all be vaccinated against COVID19.  This is, when you really look at it in the cold light of day – quite impossible. 

For a start, the third world countries where Gates states this scheme would be of most benefit often do not have stable governments who could be cooperated with to the extent that any such system could be implemented. Imagine trying to implement this system in South Sudan, a country that is so racked by war, corruption and instability that it barely functions as a state at all. Who would implement this system in Libya where a power vacuum has meant armed militias have reduced this previously stable country to anarchy.  

What is the point then of having a global programme if there are areas where it is simply impossible to cover. If global ID was designed to combat inequality in third world areas, what happens to those who live in states so fractured that even the global programme does not cover them. Has that not simply entrenched another layer of inequality on an already desperate population?

If you can’t guarantee universal ID then what point is universal vaccination? The idea that you can cover the entire population without exception is bizarre if you really think about it. How will you ensure you cover every single person unless you invest overwhelming resources in physically scouring the landscape for each and every soul – even then could you be sure you hadn’t missed anybody? No.

The idea that one vaccine for COVID19 will emerge that is effective enough to truly combat the virus in all cases is also highly questionable. A virus, by virtue of its very nature undergoes evolution on a much faster rate than flora and fauna like birds, trees and people. This is intuitively obvious, if a virus was not able to mutate then it would not exist since it would die out. Viruses must continually adapt and they do, hence the need for yearly flu vaccines. The very idea that COVID19 will remain a stationary target is simply nonsense. This raises a worrying idea – if COVID19 is going to mutate and evolve – as it inevitably will then Gates’ vaccination programme will need to be a continual rolling process – essentially creating a perpetual emergency from which we can never emerge. If you are of the opinion that the current COVID19 crisis is at its heart contrived or is being exploited cynically by those who seek to create a global power structure then this will be of particular significance.

Then there is another issue, not everyone can receive vaccines, some people will be allergic to the components of the vaccine. There is no medicine that every single human can take. There are people who are allergic to penicillin, aspirin, paracetamol and many other common medicines.  If you were to try to develop a vaccine that would be compatible with all humans bar none and that would never give any sort of allergic response then you would never succeed. 

So in effect the vaccine will never be truly universal and could never be so. Gates is relying on the hysteria to make people comply without thought, he is exploiting the weakness of governments in this emergency to assert his own strength.  When you look at Gates’ response to the virus it has been concerted and coherent – his objectives were clear from the outset whereas governments around the world were faced with a grim choice, keep the economy open and face accusations of callous disregard for human life or shut down the economy and deal with the effects of that. 

There is a curious dichotomy in this whole debate between these basic positions, there are those that state that everything must be done to prevent all possible COVID19 related deaths. We must self isolate, cancel public gatherings and basically smash the economy that supports us to pieces in order to save every single life possible. The opposite view is that the virus, if left to burn through the population will quickly cease to be an issue.  This accepts that there will be a certain amount of casualties.

The stunning realisation is that whatever you do, people are going to die. The secondary deaths from decimating the economy may well exceed those who would have died if the lockdown had not been imposed. Essentially this has become a political argument and there seems to be a concerted effort by the mainstream media to construct any argument they can find to discredit the government. 

What the media will not admit is that nature is cruel. Do you think that when foxes or birds get old and sick they get palliative care? No. Sadly the nature of life is that it ends. People have become so utterly unable to accept that we are just as subject to the rules of nature as the trees and the rabbits that they have turned into a raging mob demanding the impossible from a government that is increasingly reticent to tell people that they cannot work miracles. Sadly there is always another more cynical politician waiting in the wings who will promise the impossible to wrench the levers of power from the incumbent – and so the delusion rolls onward.

As I write this on a bright Sunday morning the topic of discussion on the talk shows is ‘contact tracing’ using a combination of phone apps and people working in the community. I cannot really comprehend how people are not seeing that this idea is simply submission to a surveillance state.  The ways in which this could be abused are multivariate and frightening, what is being tacitly implied is that once you have the app on your phone you will be allowed out from lockdown. 

I can see a future when your smartphone will become your passport out of your front door, it will be read remotely by various government agencies and it will control who you meet and where you can go. Your movements and financial transactions will be totally transparent to any government agency that wishes to monitor them. 

If we go back to our analysis of Mr Gates’ plan to ID and vaccinate the third world we saw intuitively that it is both flawed and impossible to implement. Make no mistake, the pictures of impoverished people in Africa being denied their rights because they have no ID will be used as a lever to manufacture consent in the developed world for Gates’ universal ID system.  Gates has managed to infiltrate government agencies at will and the NHS will be no different.

Currently the NHS has good protections in place for your privacy but time after time we see increasing evidence where NHS data has been made available to third parties without the consent of the user. The NHS is currently being deified with constant praise and weekly worship on our doorsteps, when the NHS app is released how many people will install it without question, trusting that their intentions are benign?

When people become frustrated and desperate they may be offered a choice – allow Mr Gates’ ID system and the NHS app to merge and you can go back to ‘normal’ – except that the new normal will be nothing like the life you had before.

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