UKIP Scotland call for Scottish Parliament to be SCRAPPED!

Chairman of UKIP in Scotland, Calum Walker, has today called for the ABOLITION of the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking with Unity News Network Editor-in-Chief, Carl D. Pearson, Mr Walker explained the growing clamour within the party for the Scottish parliament to be shelved. He revealed that UKIP Scotland members had been polled and from respondents, a massive 95% wanted to see the Parliament that seats  Scotland’s SNP government scrapped.

UKIP Scotland Chairman Calum Walker


UKIP Scotland Chairman Mr Walker also recently gave a speech while in Northen Ireland on the 25th of July in the Malone Lodge Hotel. Speaking in front of UKIP members in Northen Ireland and UKIP National Party leader Gerard Batten MEP, Mr Walker said:

“I’m sure that one occurring theme in the survey will be to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the United Kingdom. In Scotland, this theme manifests in the desire to abolish the Scottish Parliament.

Brexit is exposing devolution for what it really is. An EU plot to bypass sovereign parliaments. The Scottish Parliament and the assemblies have never had any real power. All they have ever done is implement EU directives. Any other powers they have are either invented or stolen from local councils.

UKIP has never been happy with the regional assemblies and devolution. After all, it’s the creation of pointless politicians. We begrudgingly accepted it when Nigel said, “the devolution genie is out of the bottle”. Well, genies aren’t real and devolution unworkable. We’ve looked at making it work and that road leads nowhere but to the destruction of our country.

I joined UKIP because I believe in British Democracy and a sovereign UK Parliament. Sovereignty can’t be cut up in too little bits. The idea of limited sovereignty doesn’t work when its called the European Union and it doesn’t work when its called devolution.

There have been some small concerns raised about such a policy. Sir Humphrey might say such a policy would be “courageous” or “daring”.  Well, if we’re to win votes we need to be courageous and willing to say things the other parties aren’t saying. Right now, there is 20% of the electorate in Scotland who want to abolish the Scottish Parliament whose views are unrepresented.

The unrepresented are the people we need to vote UKIP. If we have policies to represent the unrepresented we’ll not just get elected, we’ll probably end up in government.”

A columnist for the  Scottish Daily Mail, Stephen Daisley wrote:

“UKIP reckons it has the answer and thinks its solution will win your vote next time round. The populist party is set to back the abolition of the current devolution arrangements, which Scottish leader David Coburn pillories as a ‘waste of the public’s money’. He wants to sack MSPs (‘second-rate windbags’ who ‘look bad and sound bad’)”

Recent national polling suggests that around 20% of people in Scotland would agree with Mr Walker and if they were even able to attain around 10% of the national vote they would see MSP’s elected in order to then bring down the Scottish Parliament. UKIP of course managed to do that in the Brussels the big question is if they would be able to do the same in Edinburgh?

It is certainly an interesting policy shift and one that should see the party continue to gain traction and headlines like they have been doing under the stewardship of Gerard Batten. UKIP has been written off many times before but it appears they now have a fresh spring in their step!

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