Yellow Vest movement set to PARALYSE Canada!

Organizers of a truck convoy to Ottawa to pressure the federal government to fast-track pipeline construction say the effort is snowballing. Not only is the protest against the pipeline not being built it is also against globalism and mass immigration.

Many protestors on the Facebook page have also said they will be calling on Justin Trudeau to resign as well over his failure to put Canadians first.

Proponents of pushing hundreds, possibly thousands, of trucks and other vehicles to Parliament Hill in February say a GoFundMe page and a recruitment effort are swelling the effect of the so-called Yellow Vest protest that’s expected to embark from Red Deer on Feb. 15.

Though the convoy is western Canadian-based, the movement has inspired those across the country, said Carritt, who operates an industrial safety company he says has been hard hit by problems plaguing the energy industry.

Glen Carritt of Innisfail who organised the event said:

“(Ottawa) is forcing us to do this — there’s a passion, two hundred people have registered east of Ontario.

We want pipelines started, there’s been way too much procrastination,” said Carritt, adding authorities should have dismantled a protest camp blocking the Trans Mountain expansion in Burnaby, B.C., long before Mounties dispersed it last August.

“We’re tired of it and we need oil to get to tidewater. We’re not in favour of UN control of migration, we’re not against legal migration”

Hundreds of vehicles have already done go slows on the motorways whilst organizers of the Convoy to Ottawa effort say they’ll harness that momentum and emotion for the countrywide trek that is expected to end with a rally on Parliament Hill sometime between Feb. 19 and 23!





  1. Kudos to the reporter for this article, can’t call this fake news because it is current and true. This IS what is happening here in Canada. And about time.

    1. As a member I can tell you we will fight this to the end. Trudeau must resign. He is destroying our country systemically in preperation for UN agenda 2030.We want our country back, our businesses and industry back, we want control again. Eliminate the Paris climate agreement.. no carbon tax.. Close our borders, let’s go back to controlled immigration. And we want our resourcest to Market. Don’t like what your government is doing? Take it back!

      1. Totally agree we need our country back and our voices to be heard it’s time we stand together Canada will be great again .people may try to destroy it but we are CANADA STRONG

        1. I couldn’t agree more. If we don’t stop this madness we will never get our country and democracy back. This is a totalitarian dictatorship.

      2. I personally want him to call an early election, not resign. If he resigns and someone else is the leader, there will be many lefties fence sitters who think that person would be better and still vote liberal. If JT stays, everyone knows he can’t do the job. He needs to be voted OUT, Not just step down.

      3. Right on. Your 100% Canadian. We need
        All Canadians on board. Won’t happen but i see we’re growing everyday. Trudeau has got to go. We’re gonna show his ass the door. “ TRUDEAU YOUR FIRED “! Get the Hell out !! Are the only words need to be said ! The last election was rigged and we know it. He works for us and we’re gonna Fire Him
        All ABOARD ON the Trudeau Firing Train to Ottawa

  2. Trudeau is fast tracking to make Canada a third world country. He must resign and leave Canada.
    The liberal party has destroyed it’s position in Canada. People are being laid off, losing their homes, seniors are going with out health care, many can not pay the house taxes. Time for the people to take control back and save Canada! Trudeau and the liberals are a disgrace for Canada and in the world eyes! I’m old and i have never seen such a disgrace ever happen to Canada in my life. Your an idiot trudeau closely followed by the low lifes standing behind you pulling your strings! Thats my opinion and under OUR CONSTITUTION OF CANADA I CAN SAY WHAT I THINK.

    1. trudope , the LIEberal caucus, and the NDP are TRAITORS to Canada, and the United States by allowing proven isis fighters and unvetted immigrants into this country endangering both our nations. They should be considered enemies of both countries, and arrested for crimes of sedition and treason directly supporting terrorism. They along with the leader of the pack, George Soros need to be held accountable and should be tried for treason!

  3. One thing that has to happen is to send your grievances to the Governor General as he \she is the queens representative and is the only one who can remove him from power . Make your complaints known to the governor generals email page by petition and signatures.

  4. The best thing that could happen in Canada is to have the entire Liberal party removed from government today and forever.

  5. This convoy is a great thing. I love to see the west and east agreeing. Trudeau might not like the impact this will make against him, but we still have our freedom of speech and expression. We will not let him destroy our country without a fight. We are strong.

  6. Justin and his band of merry morons all need to be put on a boat and shipped out to sea. They are treasonous traitors who couldn’t care less about the average Canadian. In the election we need to decimate their numbers. Defeat them so badly that they lose party status.

  7. The yellow vest movement has nothing to do with the truck convoy. They are two separate groups with nothing in common. Yellow = anti migration
    Truckers convoy = pipeline

    Don’t confuse the two.

    1. You sir are confused. Yellow vests are not anti migration we are pro vetted migration, Not open borders. The yellow vests your talking about that are racist anti migration and so on were made up by media and liberal trolls.

      Roll on.

  8. The yellow vest movement has nothing to do with the truck convoy. They are two separate groups with nothing in common. Yellow = anti migration
    Truckers convoy = pipeline

    Don’t confuse the two.

  9. Let’s be clear. Yellow vest like millions of other Canadians is anti-illegal immigration not anti-immigration. There is a vast difference despite what a liberal might have you believe. As well there is no such thing as irregular immigration. That is an imaginary phrase the Liberals and the main stream media would like you to use.

  10. Please take care folks and go with god on this rightful mission. You are saving our province for our future and that of future generations.

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