Yellow Vest Protests AMASSING across Europe NOW!

The Symbol of the Yellow Vest has become synonymous with popular uprising against the ruling class of globalist around Europe and even the world. Today in France the Gilets Jaunes/ Yellow Vests are engaging in a masterpiece of grassroots agitation by withdrawing money from ATM’s in an attempt to crash the banking system.

There is also set to be a protest outside the Rothschild Bank in Lyon owing to its debt laden lending to the French Government along with its former employee Emmanuel Macron who is now the nation’s President.

Meanwhile as you can see above there are a series of Yellow Vest events planned across the UK from 12:00 today and with the betrayal of Brexit getting stronger then you can only imagine the numbers will increase.

We have already reported on Yellow Vest movements organically growing in Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and many more. It appears the decent hardworking people of the world have had enough.

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