5 Simple Steps to Freedom- Why the Summer must see Britain back to normal!

Dear Friends,
Firstly can I just say a massive thank you to everyone who has responded with extremely kind messages of support in our campaign. We have gained many new supporters but we have also lost a great deal as well but I can assure you that this is about doing what is right and not what helps our organisation.
I am now of the firm belief that the silent majority in this country know that we have to get back to normal by the summer and the authorities cannot continue to shift the goalposts.
We have created above a very simple 5 steps to Freedom plan that once again empowers individuals to make decisions and recognises individuals choices and liberty. We need to stop treating the public with the contempt that we are held in by the supposed ‘elites’.
We reiterate again that we are ABSOLUTELY opposed to any so called ‘vaccine passports’ to allow people anywhere both here in the UK and on an international level. SARS COV-2 has a 99.7% recovery rate and the notion that free people should be forced to present ID over this is both discriminatory & totalitarian in the extreme. The very same people who suggest these measures are the ones that say presenting ID when you vote is discriminatory, do not fall for their propaganda!
Many people have been in touch to say well what is the harm of it? Well I can guarantee you right now it will not stop with this. The powers that be will want full health passports soon and if you have disabilities or health issues you face massive discrimination by companies & countries and this simply CANNOT be tolerated.
It is so important you CLICK HERE NOW and sign the official Government petition on this if you agree with our stance.
As ever at UNN if you disagree with us then that is completely fair and many polite people have been in touch and we also welcome your input.
Free Speech, tolerance and liberty are values that we all must fight for in these dark times and join us as we continue our crusade to return once more to normality and happiness.

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